Introduction: Galaxy Hanging Wall Decoration

Hi again! I'm back with another easy DIY project— and this time it's a Galaxy Hanging Wall Decoration! This project is very easy and perfect for anyone who likes galaxy/space-themed things to brighten up their room or work space. The materials should be easily found in your homes and It is very important to note that you can easily change the design! I personally think it would be totally awesome to do the entire Solar System, but this galaxy is what I'm going to show you today :)

Here's what you'll need:

1. Cardboard (I used a piece from a box I got in the mail)

2. Cardboard Scissors (you can use normal scissors! These are available and way easier to use at the time, so I decided to go with them)

3. Scissors

4. Paint (in this case I went with "galaxy" colors: black, blue, purple, pink, and white)

5. Foam paint brushes

6. Paint brush (small tip)

7. Yarn (I used black, because I think it goes well with the project!)

8. Circular object in the size of your choice (I used a can of paint)

9. Pencil/Pen/Marker (to trace the circle)

10. Tape/Glue


1. Palette

Step 1: Trace a Circle Onto Cardboard

You can skip this step if you already have a circular piece of cardboard!

Step 2: Cut the Circle Out With Cardboard Scissors

Again, feel free to use normal scissors!

Step 3: Prepare Your Paints

Step 4: Apply the First Color With a Foam Brush

I started with purple. All you need to do is dab your first color on to the cardboard, do this in a dabbing motion and do not sweep your brush. The dabbing motion will create a nice texture for color blending. This doesn't have to be perfect as you'll have to leave out spaces for other colors on top.

Step 5: Apply the Second Color With a Foam Brush

I just basically repeated the first step, but with blue. Again, dabbing motions! At this point in the project, I had an idea of the space I wanted to leave off for the Milky Way :)

Step 6: Apply the Third Color With a Foam Brush

What I did was I went in the space I left out before with pink. You don't necessarily have to clean the brush, as the colors will blend out nicely— I, however, like to clean it a bit before I go in with a lighter color like this pink, which is not very opaque so that I can achieve a bit more clarity.

Step 7: Add the Fourth Color With a Foam Brush

As you can see, I added black around the edges of the cardboard— I like the effect it creates! I also noticed that I didn't perfectly blended out the pink, and you can kind of see the cardboard underneath. I really think it gives the project more character and it looks great! So don't worry if you make mistakes :)

Step 8: Flicker Some White Paint to Create Stars

Now, I laid down some newspapers to keep my teacher from killing me for ruining the floor (and everything else in the area) because this can get messy. You can create splashes of stars by holding a paintbrush by the end of one hand, then using the other to flick the end of the brush (near the bristles). This creates beautiful stars, as they don't look intentional and natural!

Step 9: Feel Free to Add Any Additional Hand-painted Details!

You can always paint in a few more bigger stars or sparkles :)

Step 10: Cut Out Yarn and Glue/tape It to the Back

The length of the yarn is up to you! Use whatever length suits the location you're going to be hanging this from.

Step 11: You're Done!

Thank you for sticking through until the end. As I said before, it would be totally awesome to do other planets or moons as well! I hope you had fun crafting with me :) See you in another Instructable!

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