Introduction: Galaxy Necklace

Galaxy Necklace

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:

-Printed image
-A cup for that glass. (I don't know how to call it, but you can find it in diy/ jewellery shop or make it)
-Glue or hot glue gun
-Jump rings
-Nail Polish (optional)
-Clay or polymer clay (optional)

Step 2: Glasses and Printed Picture

Take your printed paper and glass, draw and cut it out. Then glue it. Put glue on the glass or printed image so you can see your picture.
You don't have to print image. You can always draw the galaxy with Nail Polish. I didn't have all colours, but I'll try to explain it. Put dots with white colour for the stars. Put the same colour in one corner. Now take purple colour and glitter purple everywher on the left side. Then add blue colour to fill everything. Add black colour before blue Nail Polish is dried and mix it.

Step 3: Glue It

Now glue a glass to the cup... Don't forget to cut out the excess and clear the glass with an alcohol. What if I cannot find that cup or glass?
I have some ideas for that then. ---->

Step 4: Make It With Clay

Take the clay and strech it. Put the glass on it and cut the clay around.
Make nice circle with scissors or with scalpel. Colour it with Nail Polish after it dries. Now you can just glue the jump ring, but I made a ring.

Step 5: Glue Gun

You can make it with hot glue gun, too.
Take the plastic part from medicine. Now make the plastic thin board and draw the pattern. Cut it of and stick the printed paper on it. Now glue the plastick part and decorate it with Nail Polish. Make a hole and add the jump ring.

Step 6: Chainlet

Use chainlet. Just open jump ring and add it on a chain. Take ordinary tape and make a knot.

Step 7: What With Leftovers?

Make stuff from leftovers. If you want me to make a tutorial, comment below. I hope that I helped you. If you have some questions I'll try to answer them. :)