Introduction: Simple Earrings

How to make simple earrings.

Step 1: You Will Need:

- Some old pearls or you can always buy pearls at diy shops. My advice is to use two pearls for each earring (one smaller than the other).

- Two small earrings hooks. (look for them in diy shop or shop for jewelry) You can also make them if you're good with string.

- Two earrings needles. I have those with ends, so I cut them of and made curvatures. You can find already made one in jewelry shop or use string to make them.

- Small pilers (tongs)

- String (if you can't find hooks and needles)

- I don't know how to call those, but if you can't find them, just skip.

Step 2: Add Curvatures to Your Needles If You Want to Add Tiles

I have earrings needles with ends, if you have the same and don't have tiles, then you can leave them. I wanted to add tiles, so I cut ends and made curvatures with tongs, so I cann add small tiles (you can find them in jewelry shop and they are very cheap). Don't forget to close circle that you made with tongs so your tiles won't fall down.

Step 3: Add Your Pearls

This is the easiest step. You just add pearlsin order that you want. I don't know how to call those little circles, but you can always make earrings without them. Trust me, they're beautiful too.

Step 4: Add Hooks

Cut part that is overmeasure. Make curvatures and add earrings hooks. Don't forget to close the circle so hooks won't fall down. Your earrings are finished. I hope that I helped you and explain this well. Sorry if you find any mistake in the text. I learn English, it is not my mother language, so if you have questions I will try to answer them correctly.

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