Introduction: Galaxy Themed Cardboard Table Organizer

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Hey there,

First i have to say this , i really enjoyed making this instructable.. also after long time i cleaned my desk... he he he :P. Thank you instructables community for conducting contest in cardboard topic and motivated me to clean.. Because anything ... like literally anything can be made out of cardboard. Cardboard is the basic prototype for makers and creators. Let's get onto the steps involved in this instructable

Step 1: Materials

1) Cardboard - A lot

2) Hot glue gun and sticks

3) Spray paint (black) - 1 No

4) Brown tape (not shown here) but it was really helpful realised that after taking this photo

5) Glow stickers

6) Violet, orange and white fabric colour

7) Painting brush

8) Sponge (again not shown here)

Step 2: Comb Stand

1) You might have seen my messy table in before pic, imagine finding a comb in it and atleast anything in it. ehhh very difficult in the morning (also I'm very lazy to clean it once in while)

2) So, Comb stand is the first cardboard stand in the cardboard organiser list.

3) Toilet paper cardboard roll will be perfect, but i didn't have any.. hence i ended up making rectangular stand.

4) I took a old amazon delivered box , i didn't do any math here coz, i need a clearance of comb height to take it out also it should be held inside without tripping along with cardboard. that's all so i kept the comb and accordingly marked the portion to be cut.

5) After cutting i taped with brown tape which was very handy, no need of hot glue gun here as tape was sufficient enough.

6) Since at the cutting place there will be blend, i gave extra support cardboard to hold it firm

7) Finally checked, whether this is sufficient (Height and strength) or any alteration to be done. it was fine

Step 3: Mini Cupboard

1) Here i have made two shelf cupboard, picked out the right size required for me, you can make size as per your requirement. Here i planned to keep items that are 5 cm to 10 cm.

2) First secured the back of the cardboard using tape , strong and firm

3) Length wise lid will be my doors, width wise lid is not required, so i cut them off , also it was perfect fit of the layer division and i used for it.

4) This layer has to be hot glued, tape is not enough to hold it. mark the middle portion and glue it

5) And here comes teeny tiny knobs for our cupboard doors, i preferred making diamond knobs instead of regular round knobs. two knobs so i cut 6 pieces, 3 pieces i placed together to make it holdable enough

6) Hot glue it and check the to and fro motion of the door

Step 4: Mini Drawer

1) For this i used shoe box , sweet box bottom lid, two more box (no idea what was it in before but i was perfect fit for making drawers)

2) Those box edges where little bit damaged so i taped them so that it doesn't wear off while using

3) sweet box height is ok, but length and width was extra so measured, marked and removed the extra.

4) Also height is to be maintained same, hence corner i have added by taping, image 6, 7, 8 & 9

5) Shoe box length and width also was extra hence marked and removed the excess

6) Now for fitting the drawer, i have seaters for it i.e., like cupboard shelf layer. This has to be hot glued to assure firmness

7) Once done, kept all the three drawers and tested it for to and fro motion, it was perfect

8) Of course, you need a handle to pull out the drawer

9) Cut three rectangle cardboard pieces, taped them and hot glued to one drawer. Like wise for other two.

10) There you have your mini drawer

Step 5: Here Come's Our Milky Way Galaxy

1) Above box is where my new mobile arrived, i liked the box at it is, so i didn't make any alteration in it.

2) I love space, so thought of making related to it ended up with black colour spray paint in hand

3) In open space, i sprayed over all the cardboard box inside, outside, drawers , cupboard layer... everything and let it dry for few mins

4) After drying, painted violet colour using small brush but it was not giving my expected image in my mind so used sponge , it came out well as i expected

5) Here and there i have used orange and white colour for more effect

Step 6: Let Your Work GLOW...

What is galaxy themed work without beautiful stars, instead of painting them i had another idea.. these stickers where bought long back and lied around without fulfilling their destiny. Now their have fulfilled their life purpose ;P my stars and moon will glow every day, even there is an angel, perfect size for my comb stand

Step 7: Add Your Precious Belongings

1) Filled three drawers with my crafts , Hair clips and bangles small portion of safety pins separately

2) In cupboard, goes inside my lotion, eyeliner, lipstick, lip scrub, vaseline and glycerol

3) In comb stand, of course comb, torch light and AC remote too

4) In that separate cardboard box, i filled with my earrings..

Yahya.. i finished cleaning my table and well my instructable

Thank you for reading it..

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