Introduction: Galaxy in a Jar

Learn to make your own Galaxy and bottle it up into a jar.

You can finally reach out and Touch the Untouchable! Take it wherever you wish to go. Imagine your own Travels to a Galaxy of your own far, far, away!

Have you ever seen how pretty the galaxy is? It is made up of stars, planets and an infinity full of skies. You can make it yourself with only six supplies that can easily be found at home! It is so fun and cute to look at. You can put it on your desk or in your living room as a cute decor piece!


Brought to you by the creative minds of more DIS Demon Makers!

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Step 1: Supplies

    Your showcase for this portable Galaxy will be a new or Recycled jar. The bigger the jar the better. So maybe take the time to scan your food in the fridge for that next empty jar before sending it to the recycle bin.

    • Clean glass jar (new or RECYCLED)
    • Paint
    • Cotton balls
    • Glitter
    • Wate
    • Plastic Cups
    • Spoon
    • Paper Towels

    Step 2: Make Colors

    First you have to fill a plastic cup with water and add one color of paint to it. Next stir water and paint together until it is they shade of color you desire. Do this to as many colors as you would like.

    Step 3: Cotton Ball Dip

    Next you take a cotton ball and dip it into one of the plastic cups, the cotton ball should be the color as desired now.

    Step 4: Add to Jar

    Add it into the jar. Make sure the colors you want are in different layers for example pink on the bottom, blue in the middle and purple on the top.

    Step 5: Glitter

    Now you are able to add glitter and shake up the jar. Be sure to put the lid securely on top before you shake. Otherwise your galaxy will be scattered!

    Step 6: Summary

    Making a galaxy in a jar is so easy and fun to do! One thing that you can add to the jar to make it look cuter is small stars, glow in the dark paint to put on the outside or a cute chalk sticker that has “galaxy in a jar” written on it. One thing to be careful about making this adorable diy is that when you add paint to the cup make sure that it goes onto the cotton ball really pigmented and bold, if it doesn’t you can add more paint to the cup and dip it in again. One thing I asked help on is taking the label off the jar if you have one. Enjoy making you diy galaxy in a jar!


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