Introduction: Game of Thrones Sigil

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a

game of thrones sigil specifically the stark sigil but the steps can be used to create any sigil of your choice. To make this instructable you will need some tools and equipment. These include:

.Wood (any type will work)


.Plain paper (size depends on your scale)

.wood stain (dark oak)


.Ball point pen



.metal eyes


.picture hook

.glue stick

.Saw (scroll, band, coping…)

Step 1: Collecting the Wood

The first thing that you need to do is find the material you

are going to work with, for my version I used beech wood from an old shelf. Once you have got the wood you need to measure the size of the wood so that you can scale the template to fit your specific piece.

OPTIONAL-You can use a planer thicknesser to get the wood to your desired thickness, I brought my wood down to 20mm from 25mm. If you do this step you may want to sand the side which was planed.

Step 2: Making the Template

I have made a template for the stark family sigil which you will need to size to fit on your piece of wood. Once you have sized it you will need to print it off and use a glue stick to attach it to the wood. Apply some pressure to help it stick and use a good amount of glue.

Step 3: Cutting the Shape

Now that you have the template stuck to the wood you can cut the outer shape, for this I used a scroll saw but you could use a coping saw, band saw… Remember to be careful when cutting as the shape is sharp and could cause damage if handled incorrectly. To make it easier cut off any excess wood first as it will be less bulky.

Step 4: Sanding the Edges

The shape has been cut and now you need to sand the edges to make it safe and to give it a nice smooth finish. This is done using regular sandpaper (I used 60 grit) to complete the finish.

Step 5: Engraving the Lines

With the stencil still attached use a pencil with a reasonable amount of pressure over the lines on the design to engrave them into the wood. This will allow you to use a black pen to fill it in to give a burnt wood effect. Go over the lines as many times as you need until you can feel the engravings with your hands.

Step 6: Filling in the Lines

Using the pencil to engrave the lines has given you a

channel for the pen to follow filling in the lines with the colour black. Remove the template and follow the lines and go over as many times as you need to get it thick enough or completely filled. Remember the outside edge of the design as well as without it, it will look incomplete. Before moving on make sure the ink has dried.

Step 7: Staining the Wood

Now that you have the lines inked in you can use a stain to

age the wood or give it some more character. I used rustin’s dark oak stain and a paintbrush for mine to make it darker giving it a more appealing aesthetic. Don’t apply the stain too thick or spread it in the engravings as the ink can bleed possibly ruining the piece almost at the final hurdle.

Step 8: Adding a Fixture

Now that the piece is complete you need somewhere to put it. If you want it on your desk leave it flat but I wanted mine on a wall so I needed to add some eyes. In total I added 3 eyes and some string to attach it to the wall but you can use any fitting you have lying around. On the wall to connect it is a picture hook, this allows the string to loop over it hanging it in place. Now you can hang it up for everyone to see :)

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