Introduction: Game and Watch Belt Buckle

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I love Nintendo’s Game and Watches.  To me these are my childhood, bottled-up in small,  Pocket-sized, rectangles of glorious gaming fun.  

My first ever one was Donkey Kong Jr when I was 7.   I initially struggled for a few days to get that little fella to open the cage until I accidentally pushed the up and left button at the same time.  After that it was game-on (bad pun) and it wasn’t much longer until I clocked the game (one of the most satisfying moments of my young life).

Now as an adult I still like to play them and have a small collection that I have purchased over the years. They are still available second hand but now cost a small fortune (see eBay).

Recently I came across these very cute replicas of 3 of the most popular G&W’s.  At first I thought they actually played and started to pull my credit card out my wallet until I looked closer and discovered that they are solar powered and only show some moving graphics. 

Still pretty damn cool though.

I did purchase one (Chef – one of the rarest G&W’s) and as soon as it arrived I knew I had to make a belt buckle out of it. 

So here’s my G&W Belt Buckle - Enjoy.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

So there isn't much that you need to make one of these.

Belt - eBay
Game and Watch game - Tototek

Something sharp to scratch the belt buckle with like a screwdriver
Araldite glue or some other strong glue

Step 2: Gluing Stuff Together

You have probably guessed by now that this isn't a hard ible'.   Matter of fact is damn simple!

1. Use something sharp like a screwdriver and scratch the surface of the belt.  This will help the glue stick better.

2.  Add some strong glue and stick on the G&W.  Try and position it so it is level with the top of the buckle and straight.

3.  Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Done!

Yep that's it.  

Go put your belt on, stand under a light and show the world that you won the coolest belt in the world.