Introduction: Game of Thrones Dragon Egg

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In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make a simple, easy, cheap Game of Thrones Dragon egg in under one hour!

Step 1: Materials

1. Foam egg from a craft store. Looking at $3-6 per egg BEFORE coupons, always get coupons.

2. Gold Thumb Tacks 2-3 Packs depending on egg sized. I used 2.5 per. Cheapest at Home Depot for the 200 pack.

Now heres the thing about these materials: Since the egg is made out of styrofoam, you can really only stick a thumbtack into the same spot twice before the hole gets too big. As for the push pins, they are not perfect. Check each push pin before you put it in ---some are too small, some are deformed, some are slightly discolored-- don't worry though, these are very easy to spot.

Step 2: Start Putting in the Push Pins

Place the first push pin in the bottom of the egg dead center. From there start a spiral motion around the egg slightly overlapping the last piece and the previous layer. Continue this all the way up the egg.

NOTE: you will mess up the spiral as its extremly hard to keep the spiral consistent. The easy fix to this is if the gap gets to big, just add some pieces to fill the gap and continue from where you were before filling the gap. May sound a bit confusing but it just takes a bit of time to get the feel of it.

Step 3: When You Reach the Top of the Egg

Finish up the Spiral pattern, this is where having a constant and uniform spiral comes into play or it won't line up properly. I made 2 eggs, the first one didn't have a well aligned spiral and it took a lot of time to fix.

For the final piece put a dab of glue on the pin and press it down in the top of the egg and let it sit to dry. This piece is the most vital because if it falls out, the whole thing can start to slowly unravel.

Step 4: You're Done, Well Kinda.

Congrats! you now have a pretty cheap- like under $10 kinda cheap, Game of Thrones Dragon Egg that took under an hour to make!

But wait, there's more! You will probably want a stand, for a quick easy fix for this, and a great place to leave the egg while the final tack dries is inside a duct tape role! it will fit perfectly.


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