Introduction: Game of Thrones Night King Costume

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    Not "cosplay grade", but quick 'n easy "Halloween costume grade".

    Can be built with limited skills.


    From eBay...

    • Night King mask
    • White Walker hands
    • Knight costume top (black)
    • Leather leg greaves
    • Leather arm bracers
    • White body suit

    From local hardware store...

    • Foam anti-fatigue mat
    • Spray paint (primer and gloss black)

    Step 1: Foam Armour

    Your armour will be a chest piece.

    Cut pieces appropriate to your size.

    The block pattern can easily be made by heating a screwdriver with a torch, and drawing it across the foam using a straight-edge. Practice on a scrap piece first, you'll be impressed with how quickly you master this simple technique.

    Trim & glue your pieces together. Shape chest piece with a heat gun.

    The shoulder piece is a monotonous exercise cutting openings with an x-acto knife. Shape piece with a heat gun.

    Make arm pieces in a similar manner.

    Primer & paint.

    Step 2: First Look

    Attach the chest piece to the "Knight Top". Because mine was a two piece held together with string, I was able to "stitch" my chest piece directly to the top. The whole costume is basically slip-on over the white body suit.

    You'll find industrial strength Velcro useful to hold the shoulder piece down.

    Other accessories mentioned previously, plus black boots and black shorts complete the look.

    The ice spear is easy to make. Follow the instructions found here...

    Step 3: Terrorise the Seven Kingdoms, With Friends!

    But don't invite Arya Stark! Just sayin' ... :)

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