Introduction: Garden Compost Bin

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I was looking on making a compost bin I came accoss this idea from another instuctable. Basically you need to make a frame out of 24 feet of 2x4's. Then taking a 55 gallon bucket modifying it a bit you'll have a compost bin. The concept of this one is the black barell attracts the heat while being able to spin the compost helps break down the compost faster. Theres also spikes added to help break up the compost. I put in mine old vegitables not eaten, yard clippings, dog poo, apple cores, banana peels...etc. I don't put meat in it. dogs get that.

there's different type of hinges

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


24 feet of 2 x 4's

3 1/2 in bolts quarter inch diameters

3 inch screws

(8) 6 inch 60d bolt screws


drill / cordless drill

jig saw

drill bits


straight edge


Step 2: Making the Frame:

The frame is pretty straight forward to build you will need 6 pieces of four foot 2 x 4's. The easiest way is to get 3-8 footers and cut them in half. I used 4 bolts total to make the X's. 2 bolts in each one. The size of the bolts are 3.5 inches 1/4 in diameter. make sure to get washers 1/4 and nuts to tighten them. I used wrenches to make sure they were tight. You need to make sure you center the X's. I did this by measuring the 2/4s width than the four feet is 48 inches. that in half is 24. the width was 3 inches so i took 1.5 inches off each half so i measured in 22.5 inches from each end of the 2x4 and drew a line across leaving the space for the other board to lie. Do this on both four foot 2x4s and line up the lines. I pre drilled the holes with a 1/4 inch drill bit then added the bolts washers and nuts. After you have both the X's built take last to four footer and use 3 inch screws to attach them. I attached them three inches up from the base.

Step 3: Modifiying the Barrel

I started modifiying the barrel by getting 1 ft piano hinge for the door. I then cut out door. I cut a 1 ft square for the door. I used a marker to mark the square then used a jig saw to cut it out. Make sure to keep the square in the same position when you screw back onto the barrel. The piano hinge came with screws I screwed the piano hinge to the barrel first then screwed the piano hinge to the door. I then drilled a hole for the pull sting to open the door. Then I used paracord with a knot on each end with a washer also. Now you can add the sliding latches. I used four of them, one on each side and two on the bottom of the door. Theses should come with screws I laid them on the barrel and marked the holes with a marker then pre drilled the holes this made adding the screws a lot easier. Next you need to cut out the holes on the top and bottom for the pole to go threw. for the pole I used 1 3/4 PVC pipe and cut out a two inch hole in the center of the bottom of the barrel and also the lid. To find the center of the circle you need to make a coulple lines(chords) on the barrel find the middle of the lines. use a 90 square to draw lines that intersect. Now you can drill the air holes and add the steaks that will help break up the compost. I used 8 steaks that I hammered in randomly. Then added air holes 5 in row from the bottom to top of barrel about evey 6 inches around the barrel.

Step 4: Finalize: Add Compost

Once you have your compost bin built you will need to find a good spot to put it. Depending on what you put inside it, it can smell a little. If it is in the sun it will help break down the compost. Every so often spin the barrel around when you had compost or take out. I put in mine weeds from the garden, leaves, table scrapes of veggies, and fruit cores.,etc.