Introduction: Garden Pot With Watering Tank

About: Professional ceramist for 10 years, I mainly work with low temperature red clay for its natural properties and its decorative possibilities.

Garden Pot with Watering Tank

This pot allows slow watering which gives you more autonomy over time. Because of his shape and the porosity of clay, this garden pot requires less watering and give a better chance of survival for your plants.

Mostly practical in flat and town.

Developpement and realisation in ceramic by Isabelle Fragnière

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Step 1: ​Turn the Four Pieces Independently.

Turn 4 pieces independently.

- The body of the pot

- The tank

- The cap

- The plate

Step 2: Make the Drainage Holes in the Main Pot

Make the holes in the bottom of the main pot for drainage.

Step 3: Cut the Main Pot

Cut out the body of the main pot in the shape of the silhouette of the tank.

Step 4: Glue the Tank and the Main Pot

Glue the two parts together by positioning the center of the tank
on the main pot's edge.

Step 5: Handle

Make the handle and glue it to the main pot.

Step 6: Trim

Trim the cover and the plate, as you like.

Stick a small button on the cover.

Step 7: Engobe

Engobe if you want.

Step 8: Bisque

Low fire all parts.

Step 9: Glaze

Glaze the main assembly : fill the holes with fresh clay and proceed by soaking.

Glaze the cap and the plate.

Step 10: Glaze (Low-fire)

Glaze all parts with low-fire

Step 11: Plant

Put the cover on the tank to prevent items from falling into it.

Put some ceramic balls and/or small rocks

Add potting soil and place the plant.

Step 12: Check the Drain

First of all, watering the plant directly on the soil and check that the flow is going well.

Step 13: Watering

Fill the tank with water and spray as needed by the plant.