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Introduction: Garden Scooter

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Use for weeding garden

Step 1: Tools and Materials

4 wheels

2x4 sections

2x6 sections

16 three inch sheetrock screws

(4) 4x.5 inch carriage bolts

8 washers

4 nuts


.5 inch drill bit



measuring tape



Step 2: Picked Up During City Cleanup Week

I pulled an old mower from the curb for the wheels. An old 2x4 and a 2x6 scrap

Step 3: Cutting to Size

I cut the 2x6 to two feet long, cut the 2x4 into (2) two foot sections and (2) 2.5 inch pieces.

Step 4: Assembly

Before assembly, drill your bolt holes on the ends of the 2x4's. I drilled my holes 1.75 inches from end and 1.75 inches from top. In retrospect I should have drilled the holes 1.25 inches from bottom for additional .5 inch of ground clearance, oh well, might do it anyway later. I put the braces 6.5 inches in from the ends. Bolt sizes are .5 inch, so you will need a .5 inch drill bit. Entire frame was screwed together with 3 inch sheetrock screws.

Step 5: The Wheels Go On

This was my only expense. You will need (4) 4 x.5 carriage bolts, (8) .5 inch washers, and (4) locking nuts. This ran me $2.60 from the hardware store. Bolt through outer washer, through wheel, through 2x4, through washer, through nut.

Step 6: Final Assembly

If you want to paint it or make it sporty, do it before the final assembly.

Step 7: Now Go Pick Some Weeds.

Easier to push yourself backward than forward when weeding your row. Perfect for the older gardener.

Step 8: Follow Up

Look what some paint will do.

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2 years ago

Great idea!


2 years ago on Step 7

This is very cool!

I've purchased SO many gadgets to make gardening easier, but the truth is, at least in my garden, the carts are always too tall, or you have to sort of lift your weight to get the wimpy wheels to roll along. I don't even weigh that much!

Your cart / scooter looks like just the right height, and the wheels look nice and heavy-duty.