Introduction: Garden Scooter

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Use for weeding garden

Step 1: Tools and Materials

4 wheels

2x4 sections

2x6 sections

16 three inch sheetrock screws

(4) 4x.5 inch carriage bolts

8 washers

4 nuts


.5 inch drill bit



measuring tape



Step 2: Picked Up During City Cleanup Week

I pulled an old mower from the curb for the wheels. An old 2x4 and a 2x6 scrap

Step 3: Cutting to Size

I cut the 2x6 to two feet long, cut the 2x4 into (2) two foot sections and (2) 2.5 inch pieces.

Step 4: Assembly

Before assembly, drill your bolt holes on the ends of the 2x4's. I drilled my holes 1.75 inches from end and 1.75 inches from top. In retrospect I should have drilled the holes 1.25 inches from bottom for additional .5 inch of ground clearance, oh well, might do it anyway later. I put the braces 6.5 inches in from the ends. Bolt sizes are .5 inch, so you will need a .5 inch drill bit. Entire frame was screwed together with 3 inch sheetrock screws.

Step 5: The Wheels Go On

This was my only expense. You will need (4) 4 x.5 carriage bolts, (8) .5 inch washers, and (4) locking nuts. This ran me $2.60 from the hardware store. Bolt through outer washer, through wheel, through 2x4, through washer, through nut.

Step 6: Final Assembly

If you want to paint it or make it sporty, do it before the final assembly.

Step 7: Now Go Pick Some Weeds.

Easier to push yourself backward than forward when weeding your row. Perfect for the older gardener.

Step 8: Follow Up

Look what some paint will do.