Introduction: Garden-fence Made of Woven Plastic Cable-tube

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I needed a fence for my garden to hide the mess usually is piling up outside my garden shed (it is my workplace) and having quite some time now during the corona quarantine I decided to give some colour to my garden. A view years a go I got hold on a pile of disposed plastic tubes that I think they use to pull glass-fiber cable through.
I had quite some meters and in it has nice bright colors. Perfect to use as weaving material for my fence.

I have thought about different patterns and color combinations but sticked to a simple rainbow layer style. My inspiration came from Japanese style garden fences.

Let's get to it!

Step 1: The Frame

I started with a frame I made of wooden beams of 5x7 cm. I saw them in pieces it so it made 180x110 cm frame.
I kept it simple and used metal angles and Phillips screw to connect the beams. Then I added seven screw eyes in the top beam as well as the bottom beam. These I used for tying the warp, the vertical thread, through which the weft, the horizontal thread, is woven If you want to use more or less screw eyes that is off course possible but let it always be an uneven count. Otherwise you can't make an alternately weaving.

I used tie wraps to tie the warp to the screw eyes.

Before tie-ing and weaving I painted the frame white with latex paint.

Step 2: The Weaving

The weaving is pretty straight forward. Just tie the beginning of the weft and go around the warp. The end I just loopt around the warp. It is kept in place by the next layer. Nothing special here. Just a kind of meditative repeating work. I liked it,

(If you don't have the plastic stuff I had, you can, off course use other materials like traditional vegetative material or stuff like washing line.)

Step 3: End Result

When the fence was ready I fixed its with some screws to my garden fence.

Time to just look at it and enjoy the colorful view!

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