Introduction: Recycle Upgrade of a Balcony

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As you can see in my instructable from a few years ago here, I like gardening with recycled and upcycled stuff. However after my divorce two years a go I moved to an apartment with a balcony instead of a garden. But that didn't held me back to do some gardening and recycling. Because this is still in process this instructable will be merely a collection of ideas to use for others. I hope you will enjoy and vote for me in the gardening contest

Step 1: The Lounge Couch

I started last year with a bench made for the size of my balcony. I made this out of pallet wood and some old hardwood from old school gym benches and tried to made it extra sturdy/heavy duty.

Step 2: Woodshed With Vegetable Garden

As you can see I own a mexican wood-burning stove. And because I make a lot out of pallet wood I always end up with enough wood leftovers good for a nice fire for cold evenings. I made a small woodshed which of the top doubles as a table for milkjug planters in which I grow some tomatos, lettuce and other small vegetables. I used the springs of my old bedmatras to bind the tomatoplants to as guiding.

Step 3: Milkjug Planters

I've been collecting a lot of milkjugs for a year of so. (well actually orangejuice jugs, I don't drink a lot of milk. Orangejuice instead, well....). Since my first plan to make a boat or something out of them didn't seem to be a good plan anymore I've cut them up for making these planters. It came out pretty well and I've go quite some complements of my neighbours for freshing up my neighborhood with the planted flowers

Step 4: Palletwood Balcony Fence

I didn't like the steal plate balcony fence I made a new front out of palletwood. Much more warm and cosy style now.

Step 5: My Mini Pont

Yes, you can have a small pont on your balcony, well I can. Just an old zinc washtub, some water, a sturdy roller-frame and some new waterplants.

Step 6: Now Just Sit Back and Relax. Enjoy the Summer

To perfect things I hang some lights on a steel wire.

Aaah, bring those good summer days now!

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