Introduction: Garrys Mod Teleporting Chair

This tutorial will teach you how to make a teleporting chair in Garry's mod that will teleport to wherever your looking when you press a button.
The teleporting chair is probably the fastest way to move around.

Step 1: Assembling It.

Addons you need


Parts you need

-Any seat from the "vehicles" tab (i chose the jeep seat)
-Adv. pod controller (in the wire tab)
-Hover drive (in the entities tab)

Weld the hover drive and the adv pod controller onto the seat (preferably on the back so its not in the way)

You must link the adv pod controller to the seat by right clicking on the controller then the seat, you should get a message in the bottom left corner saying they are linked correctly.

Step 2: Wiring It.

Now we wire it all together.
First wire X_jumptarget of the hover drive to X of the pod controller
then wire Y_jumptarget to Y of the pod controller
then Z_jumptarget to the Z of the pod controller.

Next wire set jump target and jump, of the hover drive to mouse 1 of the pod controller.

(you could use a different input instead of mouse 1, like W or space)

Step 3: Notes

Something funny you can also do is, not weld the hover drive to the seat but instead weld dynamite to to it so you can teleport bombs wherever your looking.

You should adv duplicate this so you can upload it to servers so you don't have to remake it.

-P.S. If its not working you probably didn't link the adv pod controller to the seat