Gas Bottle Log Burner

Introduction: Gas Bottle Log Burner

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Log burner

Step 1: Locate a Gas Bottle

Find your self an old empty gas bottle, open the tap to let out any gas. Next fill with water to displace any gas which might be inside.

Step 2: Attach Hinges

I marked out the door using masking tape, then mark and attach your hinges, I drilled and taped the holes and fitted 4mm machine screws.
Next mark and drill holes around the bottom of the gas bottle to allow air to fuel your fire.
Using an angle grinder remove the top of the gas bottle.

Step 3: Cut the Door

Using a 4inch angle grinder cut the hole for the door.

Step 4: Hot Plate

Re attach the door and check your hinges work. I wanted to add a hot plate to the top of the burner but didn't have any thick steel plate so I used a few off cuts, marked these up and cut the holes in the top of the bottle.

Step 5: Flue

I used some 4inch square section to create the flue.

Step 6: Door Design

I used some nuts, threaded bar and strips of steal to create the handle and mechanism. I also used strips if steel to create a lip around the door.

Step 7: Grill

I welded a grill together to sit the fire on which will allow air to circulate under the fire and hopefully burn better.

Step 8: Legs

To raise the burner off the ground I welded on three legs, no wobble with 3 legs.

Step 9: Remove the Paint

I used a paddle disc to remove the paint from the gas bottle.

Step 10: Paint

Spray painted using stove and bbq paint.

Step 11: Finished Burner

Step 12: A Roaring Success

Well the first fire is a roaring success, I'm really impressed with how much heat it gives off...if I was to make it again I would make the door smaller so the fire doesn't fall out when it's opened

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    8 years ago

    I've not tested it yet, I didn't show it but I welded a baffle on the inside to direct the heat to the hot plate before it goes out of the flue...when I test it I'll let you know how it works and what modifications I would make...I just picked up another bottle today for Mach 2...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Have you tested it ? How does it burn? If you made it again would you change anything?

    Thanks for the 'ible


    8 years ago that black clean lool