Introduction: Geometric Jar

With all my crafts going on I wanted to find a place where I could store some of my scrap fabric that was too small to roll up but too big to just throw away.

I had seen some awesome geometric jars on some of my coworkers desks so I decided I wanted to try to make something like that as well, only a little bigger to store fabric scraps.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies I used to make my geometric jar

A mat board

Geometric Pattern


Hot glue

Step 2: Cut Out Pattern

I found a cool 3D geometric pattern online that would be a great size for my jar.

I started by cutting out all the pieces of the pattern.

Step 3: Layout

My next step was to lay out all the pieces to see how to fit them together and how to cut them out of my mat board.

The pattern also had instructions on how to put the pieces together so I followed along and soon figured it out. As i put it together I realized that as is the pattern was not going to fit onto my mat board so I decided to split it up to be more efficient

In the end I didn't have quite enough space so for the bottom piece i used an old pizza box.

Step 4: Trace and Cut Out Pieces

Once the layout was to my liking I traced all of the pieces.

Then I used my scissors to cut them out from the mat board.

Step 5: Add Bend

To save space while cutting I cut out pieces that were required to bend at the final product. So I made them bend.

This is actually very easy to do. I marked out where I wanted the piece to bend then I lightly cut it with an exacto knife.

The trick is to not cut it all the way through, but enough for it to bend easy.

Step 6: Make Hinges

The next step was to glue all the pieces together, but before I could do that I needed pieces that I could glue to.

My solution was to create hinges out of the extra mat board. I cut out 1/2" by 1" pieces of mat board and then added a bend right in the middle with my exacto knife.

Step 7: Glue

Finally with my hinges I glued all the pieces together.

I tried initially to use rubber cement but the glue took way too long to dry and the pieces kept falling apart, so in the end I turned to hot glue and it worked great!

Step 8: Finished

Since I liked the raw brown color I decided not to paint it, but you can decorate your geo jar however you please!

I was happy with how the jar came out and I hope to try new techniques and materials to make my next jars even better!