Introduction: Geometric Nail Art Tutorial

Hi All,
Today i have a tutorial for you...inspired by geometric shapes with different shades of colors(red, pink, blue and green). I feel this design to be very easy and can be experimented with contrast color choices.

Step 1:
Choose one of the colors and draw a diagonal line starting from middle of tip and extend it to the bottom. Fill in the space as shown.

Step 2
Take other color and draw a line in opposite direction and fill it.

Step 3
Take other color and draw a horizontal line  the two joints and fill it.

Step 4
Fill the empty space with the color of your choice.

Step 5
Now break the colors by drawing lines in between the colors using brush and black nail polish.

Now allow it to dry completely and layer it with a top coat. This will smooth-en any ridges and will give a shiny look to your nail art.
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