Introduction: Getting Fit

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One big thing about getting fit is getting motivated to do it. Think about a really fit relative or friend, take a mentall picture and have that be your goal. Know that if you keep up with the excersizing you will be fit like them. Being overwieght also effects your health,so keep that in mind too. If you have kids you  will want them to have a good role model so that they will always be fit and healthy. Now that you are motivated to start, you need to pick when you exercise.

Step 1: Times

To be healthy you should get about 150 minutes a week of exersize. You should spread that out over your week and do about 50 minutes three days a week, or 25 minutes 6 days a week, or whatever works for you. Pick the days of the week that are the least busy. Then pick a time of day where there aren't any TV shows on that you like so you aren't tempted to stay in. You should also pick a time when it's not too hot. Sometime in the morning or the evening would work. You could also exersize while your children are at an activity.

Step 2: Types of Exercises

One exercise that you can do is walking briskly. If your child is at some sort of sport practice there is usuallly a track and you can walk that . It also helps if you listen to music or talk with a friend. You can also do it while being productive, if you are running errands, start walking quickly, but you should spend some time on a track as well. Another activity would be swimming. If you have a pool at home, you could just swim some laps, but if you don't have one there are lots of exercising places that do. Another one is to mow your lawn with a push lawn mower, riding ones don't count. You could jog a little ways, sign up for dance, or take an aroebics class.There are lots of ways to exercise.

Step 3: Food

You should also eat healthy foods. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are good. Frozen and canned ones don't have as many nutrients. Have fun getting fit!!

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