Introduction: Underdog Cape for Your Dog!!

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Any dog can be a super hero with this cute underdog cape! It's really simple and great for a costume or to impress friends or to just make your dog feel special! :)

Step 1: Supplies

You only need a few things for this instructable.
-Red Material
-Blue Material (not shown)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Hot Glue Sticks (not shown)
-Velcro (also not shown)

Step 2: Measuring

Not all dogs are the same size so obviously I won't be able to tell you what size to make it, but I CAN tell you how to measure it. (My dog is pretty small, so if you have a big dog, you might need a yardstick or one of those tape measures you use for sewing). To get a cape that's long enough for your dog, you want to measure from the bottom of his neck to about three or four inches above his tail. For the neck of the cape, you will want to measure about halfway around your dog's neck. For the base of the cape, you need to measure from the base of one thigh to the base of the other. (please look at the pictures, it will make everything so much easier).

Step 3: Cutting

When you have that all figured out, draw it on the red fabric. Once you have the lengths drawn on the fabric, connect the top and bottom in a sort of triangle with a flat top (you really should look at the pictures on all these steps, they help a lot). You will also need a U for underdog. On the blue material, make a big U in the middle. You sort of have to guesstimate, but you will want it pretty big. 

Step 4: More Cutting

Measure around your dog's neck. You want it to be snug, but not choking your dog. Cut out a strip of material that length and about one inch wide. Now measure around your dog's belly. Again, it should be snug but not too tight. Cut out a strip that length about one inch wide. Now put a little square of velcro on the ends of those. Make sure you put the soft side of the velcro facing up. You dont want it to irritate your dog. 

Step 5: Glue

Now you have to glue it all together. Take the big U and hot glue it right in the middle. Then take the neck stripe and glue it centered on the smaller part of the cape. Take the belly strip and glue about three inches onto the middle of the cape (you dont want to glue it all the way around because then it wouldnt flow, it would just stick to the dog's sides, and that isn't very heroic).

Step 6: Attaching It to Your Dog

Now all you have to do is velcro it to your dog around the neck and under the belly, and put him or her in a heroic pose!! Everyone will love it.

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