Introduction: Getting on Nerves

This is a fun project that shows the movement of nerves in the brain.

(these heads hit eachother, demonstrating the name)

Materials needed:

- two foam heads

- two springs

- one board

- paint (colors of your choice)

- image of brain nerves (can be found by googling "brain nerves")

- colorful beads

- paper clips

- glue

- paper towels

- sharpie

Step 1: Painting

Start with one foam head at a time, using the picture of brain nerves you choose, paint the image on to the top of the foam head. After take your sharpie if you wish and draw a face on the foam head.

Step 2: Adding Beads

After the paint has completely dried, take the paper clips and cut them to the desired size. After bend the two ends to make a shape as shown. Put beads on the middle of the paper clip, and place a small amount of glue on both ends of the paper clip. Push the ends of the paper clip in to the foam head, so it follows the moment of nerves (like shown).

Step 3: Making the Board

Take a plank and paint it the desired color you wish. Screw the two springs about 11 inches apart, in the board.

Step 4: Placing Heads on Springs

Place the two foam heads on the springs. Do not push them all the way down, but leave about an inch of the spring uncovered.

Step 5: Securing the Springs

You may need to stuff a paper towel through the bottom of the head to help secure it. Once done so, add glue to the spring and place the head back on. Wait for glue to completely dry, and see if completely secure. If it is not completely secure, you can glue a paper towel to the top of the spring which will make sure it is secure.

Step 6: Spring Action

After the glue has completely dried, you may want to test it by pulling one head back a little bit and releasing the see if it springs forward and comes back to rest.