Introduction: Ghost Bowling Set

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This is a very quick and easy game to make. Easy to play for kids of all ages and abilities. The game is great for learning motor skills and coordination. After gathering the materials, I think the whole set took about 10 minutes to make.


6-10 empty plastic bottles, washed

white fabric, I used old tshirts. Depending on the size of your bottles, you will probably need 15-20" square for each bottle.

fabric scissors

measuring tape

permanent marker

rubber bands or string

a ball for bowling. Should be heavy or big enough to knock the bottles over.

Step 1: Measure Bottle and Cut Fabric

Measure the height of your bottle and double that for the length of your fabric. It doesn't need to be very precise. The cap is going to take up some of the length, but you also don't want the fabric to drape too much on the floor because it will affect how well the bottles fall over. Frankly, I just draped the fabric over the bottle and cut where I wanted it.

Mark the length on your fabric. This is the longer dimension if you cut a rectangle, or the diameter if you cut a circle. A square or circle will look more drapey and gown-like. A rectangle shape will give the illusion of arms. You can also make it jagged for a raggedy look.

Step 2: Drape and Attach Fabric

Drape the fabric evenly over the cap end (again, precision isn't important), and attach the fabric by looping a rubber band or string around the bottle just under the cap. It doesn't need to be super tight, but should be snug.

Step 3: Draw Ghost Faces.

Make a variety of faces on the fabric at the cap end of the bottle using the permanent marker.

And you are done! Time to bowl!