Introduction: Ghost Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Ghost Halloween makeup tutorial

Step 1: Face

1. and 2. I apply a glue to my eyebrows.

3. and 4. I paint my face, neck and hands with white face paint

Step 2: Lips

5. and 6. I apply white lip pencil to my lips.

Step 3: Eyes.

7. and 8. I apply black eye pencil to my waterline and upper lid

9. I fade it out with brush.

Step 4: Shadows.

10. I use black eye shadow

11. 12. and 13. I apply it to my cheeks, forehead, around my eyes and little bit to my lips. (watch the video)

Step 5: Eyes Part 2.

14. and 15. I use liquid eye liner to my upper lid.

16. I apply black face paint around my eyes.

17. I apply mascara.

18. I put my false lashes on

19. Example pic

Step 6: Hair.

Do bun the top of your head, because that's make the wig look like higher. I put little hair pins to my wig so it would look better.

Step 7: Done!

We are done, remember watch the video, like and comment! Also press the "vote" button ;-)

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