Ghost Hand




Introduction: Ghost Hand

Halloween Ghost Hand

Step 1:

You will need tape, lights, and your hand or a plastic hand as a model.

Step 2:

Frist, tape fingers and put a lot of tape around the fingers.

Step 3:

Then, start working you way down and evenly it should look like this.

Step 4:

Cut a slit in the hand and cut off the fingers.

Step 5:

Start taping the slits and making it look like a hand.

Step 6:

Keep on taping the hand and it should look like this.

Step 7:

Put lights in the opening of the mad.

Step 8:

This is how it should look and the end. You are done!

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    3 years ago

    That's a fun simple design! I've seen some people use chicken wire and saran wrap too :)