Introduction: Ghost Pumpkin

first pick a pumpkin I choose a white one then I had an idea by looking at a few things so the pattern then I could open the pumpkin and cleaned it out the next step would be to draw the circles that I'm going to care for them and I start carving this will be a short step most people would know how to clean out a pumpkin and how to cut it I use to cut hole in the bottom if you got a good thing then you now have a way to carry a pumpkin and not drop it once his house it is fragile

Step 1:

now you've established a pattern you cut out everything away from it I choose not to cut all the way through the pumpkin help with relocation in the main location in mouth in this case each big line that was part of the Rays of the country face became little holes to let more light out. On my first try to light it up it works ok but as I continued on to carve out more meat . I use multiple tools that I use for woodworking the regular carving knife for wood and two different sizes these are used to take out material without going too deep in the small gouges use to cut out the eye hole . And the mouth of my design was a little unusual in that I use the image of an eagle for the eyebrows and the nose and that was off of a photograph that I also carved into a box then I took it preformed more artistic Eagle for the mouth and after looking at it for a while I decided to take away certain areas to let more light shine through and in the case of this pumpkin you'll notice it's green it's a white pumpkin or as they call a ghost pumpkin that is what decided how I would have called the ghost pumpkin in the face is ability cut all the lines to indicate whiskers hairlines than the final touches a glued-on recently cut hair to give it a look of having your hair over the eyebrows the last step was to put the light in it will do that next

Step 2:

my final step find a source of light in this case are Harbor Freight multi blue LED light someone else use to make it into a plug in light on on another instructable they are nice and cheap and they last a long time on the battery so you put your light in and might be that I discovered on this function the bottom was not balanced and I had to leave the bottom plate out to the pumpkin to set up right and then I said it was it like when the light turned on turn off all the lights and I took these final pictures here I do hope you enjoy this instructable I'm not expert at doing things online like this and I'll leave everything else up to the people that look at it thank you