Introduction: Ghost Tealight Lumiere-2 Ways

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A fun way to use leftover tea lights. These ghosts are smaller and make wonderful table decorations or can be made to hang from trees.


You will need:

  • Cheesecloth
  • liquid spray starch
  • plastic tea lights
  • plastic bathroom cups
  • balls to shape ghosts
  • felt for eyes and mouth
  • glue gun for attaching felt pieces
  • string for hanging

Step 1: Prepare Cups for Ghosts

Tape your balls to the plastic bathroom cups. This will prevent them from rolling off the cups while your ghosts are drying.

Cut cheesecloth with scissors. You want two pieces for every ghosts. Sometimes the scissors will snag the cheesecloth and make the edges. These will work perfectly for your ghosts.

Step 2: Make Ghosts

Drape the first piece of cheesecloth over the balls and cups. Spray liberally with liquid starch. This is best done outside as it gets messy.

Drape the second piece of cheesecloth over the ghosts and apply more liquid starch. You want it to be completely covered.

Once you have sprayed it completely, arrange the edges how you want them to dry.

Leave the ghosts to dry for a few hours, undisturbed.

Step 3: Glue on Eyes

Once the ghosts are dry, remove them from their balls and cups.

Cut out eyes and a mouth from felt and glue on with a glue gun.

Step 4: Prepare Tea Lights for Ghosts

If you want your ghosts to sit on a table:

Use pliers and twist away the fake flame part of the tea light. This will make your ghosts look more realistic.

Turn on tea lights and place ghosts over the top. They are done!

If you want your ghosts to hang:

Tie a ribbon to the flame portion of the tealight. Tie another knot an inch or tie up from the tea light.

Step 5: Finish Hanging Ghost

Cut a small hole in the head of your ghost with a pair of scissors.
Pull the string up through the head of the ghost. You want the tealight to be just above the bottom of the ghost. The knot will make this possible.

Tie another knot on the top part of the ghost to make it hang.

Your ghost is ready to hang!

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