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Introduction: Ghostbusters Ghost Costume

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Hello Everyone,

First, I would like to thank you for viewing my instructable.
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When Ghostbusters first came out in 1984.
I just got out of the US Army.
My older brother had originally made this costume back in 1984.
26 year ago.

So, today I tried to duplicate what I remember from then.
As, I thought it was a very good costume.
I believe he took 1st place at some costume parties.

The costume is fairly easy to make.
Cheap too.
Costume total cost was under $25.

There are many different ways to do things, so I am showing
you the way I did it.
If you know of a better or cheaper way, let us know.

( I believe, there may be a Ghostbusters III coming out in 2012!)

Now onto the instructable...

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Step 1: Items Needed to Make the Costume

These are the items I used to make the Ghostbuster costume.

Materials Needed
$10    1 - 2" x 4' x 8' sheet of white foam (at your local home store)
$6       Paint (sample cans at your local home store)
red and White
$4      1 - White Sheet (or take the one off your bed!)
$1      6 - Ceiling hooks
$1      6 - Rubber Bands
$3      Transparency film (or just freehand the drawing!)

Tools Needed
Jig saw
Overhead projector (or freehand draw it)
3/4 drill bit (for the eye holes)
Epoxy or white glue
Sandpaper (100 grit and 220 grit)

Now, onto transferring the logo to the foam...

Step 2: Transferring the Ghostbuster Logo to the Foam

You could free hand draw the logo, but I preferred to use my
overhead projector.
That way, I get everything in correct proportions.

Get the Ghostbuster logo above.
I converted the logo to a vector in Coreldraw.
I made a transparency with my laser copier.
Then I projected it onto the foam.
I used a red sharpie to outline the logo.

Now onto the next step...

Step 3: Cutting the Foam

I used my jig saw to cut the foam out.
My jigsaw just cuts, above the 2" foam thickness,
which made it very easy to cut.

I just laid the foam flat and cut on the lines.
Then there was only about 1/8" of foam left, where I just snap broke it.

You don't have to be exact as you can sand it, very easy.

Cutting the foam is very messy, I would recommend to cut it outside.
(it sticks to everything from the static)

Now onto the next step...

Step 4: Sand and Smooth Edges

I used a sanding block and 100 grit sandpaper.
You do want to give the foam contours, where needed.
As, in the hands and top part of the head.
I rounded all edges and corners.

Foam is very easy to sand, but very messy.
Something you want to do outside.

After sanding with the 100 grit, I switched to 220 grit.
That really smoothed it out.

Now onto the next step, routing the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 5: Router the Eyes and Mouth (or Hand Carve Them!)

For the eyes, nose and mouth.
I used my router.
I did use a 1/2" half round bit.
The foam routed very easy.

I also routed a depression in the back for your nose.

I used a 3/4 drill bit for the eye holes.

You could also carve them out.

Next, we have to have a way to mount the face on our head.
So, I got some ceiling hooks and epoxied them onto the back of the foam.
Each hand will get 2 hooks and the face will get 2 hooks.

Then, stretch a rubber band across the hooks and you have your hand holds.

Now, some paint....

Step 6: Paint

You do want to paint the foam.
As the paint will act like a sealer.

First, I primed the foam then painted it.
I used sample paint from my local home store.
Cost about $3 a jar.
Red and White.
For the black I used some acrylic paint.

Now, the costume is ready!

Put the sheet over yourself.
Cut some eye holes in the sheet, or cut a hole in the sheet
and put your head through.
Slip into the "No" sign and put on the mask and hold onto the hands!

Happy Halloween!

Picture is worth a 1000 words!
GOOD LUCK and hope you win some contests!

I hope you enjoyed my instructable!

Oh, his name is "Angus"! lol


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6 years ago on Step 2

I love this costume!! I'm definitely going to try to make it.. What would you say the dimensions of the head are?


8 years ago

Great job Angus. Ty


9 years ago

Love this show back in the day!


11 years ago on Introduction

This costume got my vote. I only cast a few vote but this is one on the best. Good Luck!!


11 years ago on Introduction

i made this costume for halloween last night, and it worked perfectly! thanks!


11 years ago on Introduction

This is ridiculously awesome!
It looks like a wall-mount, I was surprised to realize there's a person underneath. Great job!

August Spies
August Spies

11 years ago on Introduction

Had some friends at a protest back in the day who fiberglassed a giant foam logo like that - made it strong enough to mount on a post outside long-term.


11 years ago on Step 6

Very Nice! I like how accurate it is, you have to look close before you can distinguish the picture of you in the costume from the actual image logo.
When I used to be more of an actor our set guy made most of our large props and backgrounds from sheet styrofoam like that, if I recall correctly his preferred method of cutting/slicing/detailing the foam was by heating a butter knife with a propane torch and then it goes through the foam like magic without leaving a huge mess of white bits. Never tried it myself but after seeing this I just might, thanks!


11 years ago on Introduction

Why not white gloves instead of the foam cutout hands?
The "no sign" might break easily. if you glue cardboard or paneling to the back, it'll strengthen it against accidental bumps.


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

yea i agree if you use what are called Cartoon gloves then you could hold stuff and or do the peace sign fromGB2


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Yeah, good idea.
Cartoon gloves.
I was thinking of regular white gloves.

GREAT thought!