Introduction: Ghostbusters (Original) - Ecto-goggles

Either if it's Halloween or just for a con, the Ecto-goggles are one of the most iconic yet simple props in Ghostbusters, besides the proton-pack and Slimer that is.

In this instructable I'm going to go through the process of how I make the Ecto-goggles, now there may be more efficient ways of making them, but this is how I'm going to make them.

Step 1: Materials

With every build, there are the materials that make it in order for it to be great. Here's a list of what I'm going to use.

- Welding Goggles: For the base, parts will be removed and added as I go along.

- Lenses and Bits: I'm going to use a 3D printer for making the lenses and extra parts on it.

- Paint and Rub n' Buff: Paint for the parts and goggles and Rub n' Buff for touch-ups.

- Glue: Preferably the hot kind.

Step 2: 3D Printing Parts

I printed the lenses and extra bits of the goggles on a Ultimaker 2+ printer. The dimensions for the lenses should be 40mm by 40mm and the extras are 20mm by 20mm and 25mm by 25mm.

Step 3: Painting/Gluing

I painted the goggles and side 3D printed parts after I glued on, along with the lens parts on the glass which I also painted. Using a small brush to get into small crevices would be optimal.

Step 4: Rub N' Buffing and Finalizing

Using the Rub n' Buff on the entire thing is what makes it look like the goggles are metal. Use a rag on a surface with the Rub n' Buff on it (with gloves). Gently wipe the rag with Rub n' Buff on it to the goggles, get it looking slightly metallic.

And that's about it!