Ghoulish Punch

Introduction: Ghoulish Punch

This Punch gives adults a reason to celebrate Halloween.

I made the Punch using :

1 red wine (7.5dl)

1 small bottle Sprite

1/2 glass orange liquor

juice of 1 lemon

1/2glass raspberry sirup

2tsp cinnamon sirup

mix up all the liquids and refrigerate overnight

Step 1: The Hand

Take one latex/vinyl hand glove. Wash it thoroughly to remove any dirt or powder.

Fill it with cold water.

Not the open end of the glove. secure the closure by clipping it.

Place it flat on a plate. Place the plate horizontally in the freezer.


Remove the frozen hand.

Hold it short under running water to loosen the glove fron the ice. Cut open the glove carefully not harming the ice.

Step 2:

Pour the Chilled drink in the Punch bowl.

set the ice hand in the bowl.

it will float and give the whole display an erie look.

(TIP: I would advice making a couple of hand in the freezer, just in case the fingers break whilst peeling the glove there is a spare one ready)


Happy Halloween

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    7 years ago

    One suggestion, as I tried this many years ago, but not as 'Adult', I mixed Ginger-Ale & Store brand fruit punch.. But.. BIG Boo-Boo! Added chunks of dry ice to add a bubbling fog to the mix.. #1 of the mistake, Forgot the possibility of the dry ice getting small enough and being scooped-up, #2 of the mistake, Found out Dry-Ice, or CO-2 in bulk, can render the taste Bleached out (like drinking club soda minus the slight salt.) But glad to see someone else took on the idea of making Ice-Hands,in a bowl of blood-colored punch!


    Reply 7 years ago

    OH Lovely...thanks for the suggestions, in fact I was thinking of buying dry ice to get that mysteries fog kind of effect I won't.

    Thank you for stopping by to comment.