Introduction: Giant Ant Geocache


  • Balloons x 3
  • Plastic bags x 3
  • Masking tape
  • Expanding foam
  • Pantyhose
  • Irrigation tubing
  • Irrigation joins - right angle x 18, cross x 1, T-shape x 2
  • Glow stick x 2
  • Ping pong ball x 1
  • Cable ties x 4
  • Used medicine container x 1
  • PVC pipe x 1
  • PVC cement
  • Paint - brown/black
  • Cloth
  • Rubber bands

Step 1: Building the Body

This actually started as my attempt to make 'Duct Tape Batman Mask' by seamster. As I was making it by myself, I wrapped the tape around a balloon, not my head. This then gave me the idea of creating a giant ant!

To start I blew up one balloon and then placed it in a plastic bag, then wrapped the whole thing in masking tape. I placed it in a bag so when I popped the balloon it didn't cause the whole thing to collapse. If you wrap it in many layers it becomes very strong.

I made three balls this way, blowing up the balloons to the sizes I wanted. For the ball I wanted to use as a head, I cut a ping pong ball in half and taped the two sides down as eyes.

The next step was the hardest. To connect the three balls together I cut holes in the outside balls and two holes in the middle ball. As I wanted to make it into a geocache I also cut a hole in the top of the middle ball to hold a medicine container. The container could be anything. I then cut a piece of PVC pipe to act as the the spine and fed it through the three balls. I the taped the whole thing together.

For added strength I then cut a small hole in each ball and filled them up with expanding foam. This then took about a week for the foam to dry. When it was dry the body was very strong but light. I then covered it in pantyhose and used rubber bands to make sure the pantyhose conformed to the body.

Step 2: Adding Feelers / Painting the Body

Next I painted the body with PVC cement, this hardens up the pantyhose and protects it for outside use. Then I added feelers. For the feelers I used two long skinny glow sticks. I drilled two small holes in the head, and pushed the glow sticks into the holes. I glued them in place using the PVC cement. I then spray painted the body brown and used some black paint to colour the eyes.

Step 3: Adding Legs

I made the legs using irrigation tubing. I bought I strip of black tube and then cut it to shape. I made it so it would cradle the body to make attaching the legs easier. I used 1 x cross join and 2 x T-joins for the spine and then 3 x right angle joins for each leg. For added strength I wrapped each join in cloth and painted it with PVC cement.

I kept the legs black, but spray painted the joins brown. To attach it to the body I painted two cable ties brown, and then used them to attach the legs to the body. This proved very sturdy. I also used a knife to cut around the cap of the medicine container so it could be opened.

Step 4: Finished Geocache

Now the geocache was ready to be placed into the wild. I placed a log sheet into the medicine container and found a secluded spot in the bush to hide the cache. I used a couple more cable ties placed between the spine of the legs, and the body to attache the cache to a tree. I was very happy with the final result, much better than a batman mask.

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