Introduction: Zombie Geocache 3

This build is very similar to my first Zombie Geocache (

This time I wanted to make a Zombie that was tied to a tree and which you could reach inside and pull the heart out, inspired somewhat my 'Temple of Doom'.


  • PVC pipe and cement
  • Expanding foam
  • Cheap plastic skull
  • Irrigation hose and joins
  • Plank of wood
  • Fabric
  • Paint
  • Wood stain
  • Chain
  • Heart shaped stress toy
  • Medicine container
  • Magnet, sheet of metal
  • Pantyhose

Step 1: Starting on the Body

To start I came up with a basic ribcage layout using hose and irrigation joins. I made it with a square hole in the middle big enough to reach through. I then used brackets to attach it to a piece of backing wood which I cut into a rough torso shape.

I then added expanding foam to the bottom to look like guts spilling out. I added a screw in metal sheet to the backing wood which I intended to use to attach the heart to using a magnet. This would make the heart detachable. I then spray painted the guts, first with black, then with red paint.

Step 2: Adding the Shoulders and Heart

For the shoulders, I used some thick PVC pipe. I sprayed expanding foam into the ends for added gore which I spray painted like the guts.

I'm sorry I didn't take photos as I made the heart, but this is how I made it. I started with a heart shaped stress toy, I then cut a hole in the middle and pushed in a medicine container, this was to hold the log book. In the cap for the container I glued a magnet so the heart could attach to the metal sheet in the chest cavity. I then got a bunch of different sized pen lids and pushed them into the stress toy to look like tubes. I then wrapped the hole thing with bandage and painted it with PVC cement. I made veins using a hot glue gun and then painted it.

I added screw eyes to the wood backboard so it could be hung up when finished. I also used cable ties to keep the ribcage in place. It turned out really well and the hear fit into the chest cavity perfectly.

Step 3: The Head

For the head I used a cheap plastic skull. I screw a PVC cap to the bottom so it could be attached to the neck. I then added expanding foam where I wanted gore. By patting down the foam, the air escapes so it doesn't expand too much. I also used the foam to shape a nose. I then pained the skull, added pantyhose for skin, then painted it again.

Step 4: Adding Skin

To add skin to the body I planned to use cheesecloth, but I had some fabric in the garage which is meant to be used to wrap plants in to protect them from frost (I don't know what it's called sorry). I had a big roll of it so I used that instead. I covered the body with and and cut a hole for the chest cavity and lined the cavity with more expanding foam.

I then painted the skin with PVC cement, and when it dried I painted it with wood stain and attached the head. And that is pretty much it, it was a surprisingly simple build.

Step 5: The Final Geocache

For the final effect I glued some old dolls eyes into the eye sockets. I then found a hidden spot, deep in the woods and a nice big tree to hang the geocache. I used chain and the screw eyes in the wood to hang it on the tree. It was very sturdy and the heart comes is easy to access and pull out.

Now to wait and listen for the screams.

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