Introduction: Giant Chainmaille

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During my time creating my chainmaille shirt , I had a lot of time to think. And one of my thoughts was creating very large chainmaille. This thought sat on the back burner for quite some years until I was bored in a welding shop, with a bandsaw, and scrap pipe. And so the giant chainmaille begins.

Step 1: Tools

For the giant chainmaille, the tools I used where as follows.
- grinders - flapper wheel and cut off wheel
- welder
- bandsaw
- vice
- a rod (for leverage)

Step 2: The Materiel

I found chunks of 3 1/2" pipe in the scrap bin. But you could use any pipe or rod.

Step 3: Start Cutting Rings.

I cut the rings 1/2" wide. A lot of rings are needed so patience is the key.

Step 4: Keep Cutting

1 cut around 75 rings , I somehow lost count. But just like regular chainmaille it's very time consuming!

Step 5: Clean Up the Edges

Using a flapper disc I cleaned up all the edges, of all the rings. Inside edge and outside edge, both sides.

Step 6: Making Giant Jump Rings

For a 4 in 1 weave, every 4 rings , you'll need one jump ring, I made a jump ring by finding the seam on the pipe, and cutting the pipe along the seam, creating a jump ring.

Step 7: The Weave.

There are plenty of instructables on weaving chainmaille, so if you have any questions please find a pre existing instructable on this.

To bend the jump ring, place in a vice, put a bar through it and open up the ring.
Place 4 closed rings in the opened ring
Put the bar back through the ring and close it up.

Step 8: Make a Lot of Them

I made as many as my attention could handle.

Step 9: Continuing the Weave

Using the jump rings I continued the 4 in 1 weave

Step 10: Continuing the Weave...

Now that I have two strips, I need to connect them together, continuing on with the 4 in 1 weave, I connected them.

Step 11: Welding Shut

Now, every jump ring will need to be welded, I tacked each side, and then one on top.

Step 12: Clean Up the Welds

Using a flapper disc I blended the welds out,

Step 13: All Done

And that's how I made giant chainmaille. This is the beginning of a much bigger project, just wanted to get the theory down. Thanks for looking

Step 14: More Shots.

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