Introduction: Make Workshop Shelving for Free

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This is how I made workshop shelving for free avoiding pricey store shelves that didn't offer the compatibility I was looking for.

Step 1: Find Furniture

I'm fortunate enough to have a dump near my city, they offer a program called the "take it or leave it". this is a shop off to the side where people can drop off still usable things for other people to pick up and use. Knowing about this I decided to piece together a wall unit, using random shelves and cabinets which I could gather for free, and once I'm done with them or move I can just return them for someone else to use. Over about a year every time I went to the dump i would stop into the take it or leave it, whenever there were little shelves or TV stands I'd grab them. If you don't have such a place near you, look on online classified ads and they're are plenty of people getting rid of furniture for free on there.

Step 2: Paint

It's up to you whether or not you want to paint, it cost money and the whole point of this project is to not spend money. I just washed the furniture, let it dry and spray painted them with spray paint I had. It's for my workshop after all and will get banged up anyways, you can spend more time sanding and painting it properly if you'd like.

Step 3: Unit 1

For the purpose of explaining things I'm going to number the pieces of furniture. Unit 1 is a big tin box with doors . 3'x3'x3.5'
2 shelves

Step 4: Unit 2

A large wood table. Salvaged it from my parents garage. Saving myself a trip to the dump to go pick it up

Step 5: Unit 3

3' wide TV stand
2 shelves
2 large drawers

Step 6: Unit 4

A 3 1/2' shelf
5 shelves

Step 7: Unit 5

2 1/2' shelf 14" wide
6 shelves

Step 8: Unit 6

4' wide TV stand
4 large shelves
1 extra large shelf( top of unit)
1 low but deep and wide cabinet

Step 9: Unit 7

35" wide dresser.
6 medium drawers
3 large shelves

Step 10: Unit 8

39" TV stand
2 cabinets
1 large shelf
1 very large shelf ( top of unit)

Step 11: Unit 9

3" wide TV stand
2 cabinets- 3 small shelves, 1 small tall shelf
1 large shelf

Step 12: Unit 10

27" wide dresser
3 drawers
1 fold down organizer desk
1 shelf ( top of unit)

Step 13: Start Playing Tetris

This is the tricky part, if your good at Tetris, your fine. I started by putting unit 1 in the corner and squeezing unit 2 beside it.

Step 14: Next Piece

I placed unit three on top of unit 1. Snugging it as close to the wall as possible.

Step 15: Next

Place unit 4 on top of unit 2, snugged up against unit 1.

Step 16: Next Unit

5 beside unit 4.

Step 17: Next

Unit 6 beside unit 5

Step 18: Next Piece

Unit 7 snugged up beside units 2 and 6

Step 19: Next

Unit 8 on top of 7

Step 20: Almost There

Unit 9 beside unit 7

Step 21: Last One

I finished off by placing unit 10 on top of unit 9.

Step 22: Freestanding Rolling Shelf

This gem I found at the take it or leave it. An old shelf from a candy shoppe. It was in perfect condition.

Step 23: Organizing

This shelf worked perfect for the tools I use often. It's placed by my work table. And has been very handy.
It holds my :
- squares and rulers
- grinding and polishing disks
- wire brushes
- polishing pads
- gloves and knee pads
- level
- pry bar
- wire
- staplers
- clamps
- sparkers

And all of my jars and tubs of supplies

Step 24: Organized

Unit 3 holds all my painting supplies and drop sheets while unit 1 holds all my larger power tools

Step 25: Organizing

Units 4 holds my grinders and drills, which are always handy when I need them. Unit 5 is supporting my cordless drill and jigsaw, while the two other shelves can display parts out in the open so I can see them. The big open shelf I placed my drawer organizer in it and beside is my empty spray can storage.
Underneath unit 2 I have my table saw on a skateboard to easily dolly it out.

Step 26: Keep Organizing

Unit 7 is my spray paint storage. Seeing as I got it for free, I just painted where which colour should go. And the inside of the door is used for a paint tester.

Step 27: Last Organizing

Unit 10 's top door folds down into a handy writing post. while unit 9 is holding my washer fluid, scrap steel and torches.

Step 28: Wall Unit Done for Free

I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. It offers the versatility I was looking for without spending big money. Everything has a spot and is easily accessible. The unit has a total of 37 shelves and 11 drawers, plus space under unit 2. Hopefully this helps you solve your workshop organizing frustrations. If you do this please post. I'd love to see what you did.

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