Introduction: Suspension Stools From Scrap Steel

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I found some cool pieces in a scrap metal bin, two domed circular pieces of steel and two curved circular pices of steel. I grabbed them out of the scrap bin with stools in mind. 6 months later after gathering more scrap, here they are!

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

-wire wheel
-cut off wheel,
-flapper disc
-measuring tape
- wire brush
- level

Step 2: Materials You Will Need

- domed circular steel( or some sort of base)
- curved circular steel( or some sort of seat)
- spring( salvaged from old grain auger)
- 1"1/4 , 1/8" gauge tubing 21" long ( salvaged from an Old lathe)
-1"3/4 1/8" gauge tubing 12" long
-2"3/8 tubing 1/4" gauge 1-2"

Step 3: Clean Up Edges

Using a grinder and grind wheel, clean up all the edges around your seat and base

Step 4: Bevel Edges

Using a grinder and grinding wheel bevel the edges of the tubing

Step 5: Bring It Down to Bare Metal

Using a grinder with a wire wheel bring the tubing down to bare steel

Step 6: Welding Spring Stopper

Using a square, weld the 2 3/8" pipe to the 1 3/4" pipe. Tack weld all the way around. This will be flipped over and welded to the base.

Step 7: Welding Seat Post Onto Base

Taking the last piece you just welded, flipping it over, and centre it onto the base, using a 90 degree magnet and a level to keep it straight, tack weld all the way around

Step 8: Shining Up the Base

Using a grinder and grinding wheel, grind the base to bare steel. Starting from the middle and grinding around the post will give you a cool effect . Using a flapper disc afterwards to really make it shine

Step 9: Welding the Post to the Seat

Taking the 1 1/4" tubing again using the magnet and level to keep it straight, tack weld all the way around the post

Step 10: Paint the Bottom of the Seat

Taping off the post with tape and paper you can paint the bottom of the seat black( or whoever colour you want) . After drying completely go over with clear coat

Step 11: Putting It Together

Taking the spring( which can be cut at whatever length desired for comfort) slide it over the tubing attached to the seat.
Then slide tube into the tube connected to the base, and flip upright.

Step 12: Finishes

On the shiny stool I used a flapper disc and used it to make a design, the rusty one I used aluminum brightener acid which rusts steel. Both where clear coated.
And that's how I made my stools from nothing but scrap.
Thanks for looking

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