Introduction: Giant Ferrero Rocher

This super-sized chocolate is 57cm tall; Compared to a normal 3cm Ferrero Rocher chocolate, it's almost 20 times bigger! Their procedure is very simple and I will show you in detail, starting with the brown base, followed by the golden wrapper and finally the union of these two with the detail of the brand logo.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Pilates ball
  • 3 gold A2 formats
  • 8 formats A4 cardstock brown
  • 1 formats A2 cardstock brown
  • Adhesive paper or stick glue
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors or scalpel
  • Compass
  • Rule
  • Grapher
  • Color printer

Step 2: COFFEE BASE - Make a Large Strip of Cardstock

Take all the formats A4 brown cardstocks and lay them horizontally next to each other as close as possible to tape and form a large strip.

Tome todas las cartulinas marrones y coloquelas horizontalmente una al lado de la otra lo más cerca posible para pegarlas con cinta adhesiva y formar una gran tira.

Step 3: Golden Details

Take one of the gold papers and cut 6 strips to the width of a ruler and use it as a guide to make this process faster. Trace and cut.

To glue them, locate the brown strip leaving the binding tapes on the reverse, we do not want them to be visible! and with glue 2 parallel tapes. Again we will be guided by the ruler, leaving its width as the upper margin to locate the first and the second will be located 0.25 "/ 6mm below the middle of our brown tape.

Don't make my mistake! First glue them and then you will fold the brown paper.

Step 4: Now Yes to Double!

Mark the future folds on the opposite side to where the gold ribbons are already attached, which will be the width of the ruler, with the grapher so that we do not have to take measurements. Do this for the entire length of the brown ribbon and the zigzag fold.

Then twist and stick the ends together to form a cylinder.

Step 5: Circular Base

To shape the base of the Ferrero, take the A2 brown format, trace a circle with a diameter of 16.5 "and cut. Then, attach it with pieces of tape to the brown cardboard that we folded in a zig zag in the previous step.

With this we have finished the base!


Being such a large wrapper, it is necessary to start by joining the golden paper in the order and shape as indicated in the image, dividing the previously cut sheet from the brown base

Step 7: Golden Cover

Make messy folds to the gold foil, crumpling it tight. Then wrap the pilates ball in the already crumpled gold foil and tape it. Do not worry if an uncovered part remains, it will be covered by the brown base that we have already made, therefore it will not be visible.

Step 8: Assemblies and Final Details

Locate the pilates ball wrapped in the gold foil we made in the previous step, inside the brown cardboard base. If it moves around a lot inside the base, locate a plate while limiting its movement. If you notice larger gaps than others between the gold ball and the edge of the brown base, tape it together from the outside, until it is even. However, if it is too far apart as in the second image, it is necessary to tension the gold paper a little more.

Finally print the logo you will find HERE and adjust it to size 7.4 "/ 19cm wide. Cut it out and stick it on the top of the dial.

With this we have finished the giant Ferrero Rocher!

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