Introduction: Giant Googly Eyes

This is a quick instructable to make bigger-than-they-ought-to-be googly eyes. They can be attached to anything to make objects animated and super special.

Step 1: Does It Come With Sides?

This started out as a trip to the Fried Chicken place to get in on the fried chicken sandwich craze. I do enjoy eating fried chicken, whatever...

While waiting in the long line, I scanned the menu and realized that the chicken sandwich was actually quite expensive. I saw the advertised specials on the window. There was a complete meal deal and decided that was a better value. I opted for the complete meal package because you still get the fried chicken and then some sides along with it.

Since this was fast-food take-out, the side dishes came in these small individual plastic containers. You could do the same thing on a bigger scale with similar pie/cake containers too. Recycle or upcycle.

You can make a lot of things with the round dish shape but giant googly eyes came to mind. I guess everyone needs a set of giant googly eyes to attach to something.

Eat the food in the containers. Clean and dry the containers.

Since I want a white background(white of the eye called sclera) for a regular eye, cut out a paper disk to cover the inside of the dish. You can make it any color or patterned if you are doing a monster/dragon/cat eye. Trim so it lays flat inside the dish and attach with double-sided foam tape. That tape works well on irregular surfaces.

Step 2: Be a Good Pupil...

Since I wanted more movement with the eye, the part for the pupil is suspended in the air instead of laying at the bottom of the container.

I used a paper punch to cut out some cardstock disks to construct the pupil. It is two layers of cardstock glued together to make it sturdier. The shape of the pupil doesn't have to be round.

Use some thin thread or fishing line which will appear invisible when the googly eye is seen from a distance.

Wrap one end of the thread around a piece of tape to secure it from pulling out. Tape that end to the back of the pupil shape. I also taped a coin below it to make the shape act as a pendulum when suspended so you get a little more movement if the googly eyes are set in motion

Step 3: Jeepers, Creepers...

Place the pupil shape in the dish and lay the thread leading to the outside of the container.

Snap back in the cover of the container. This will clamp the thread in place.

Hold it upright and adjust where the pupil shape is positioned by pulling on the thread. The tabs on these containers seem to form some kind of eyebrow and enhance the outline of the eye.

When the pupil is positioned, you can secure the excess thread by taping it to the container. Wrap the excess thread around the piece of tape so that it does not pull out.

You can attach magnets to the back of these googly eyes to make them throwies.

Use double-sided tape to attach to anything.

See what needs a set of giant googly eyes and place accordingly.

Have fun.


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