Introduction: Giant Grinch

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I decided that the Grinch would be our Christmas theme and my husband was ecstatic since the Grinch steals all the lights off the house therefore he wouldn't have to hang all those roof-top lights. It had to be big to be seen from the street, but this man did not want to be climbing a ladder this year so he said to get my paints and brushes and he would set up all the rest of the supplies needed.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Matte acrylic paints and brushes


Black markers

Large piece of paper


1 Full sheet of plywood (I used the 3/4 inch)

Skill saw

Drill with a bit for drilling holes

A couple of saw horses (Anything will work to prop up the plywood especially for skill saw work)

Lightly sand the plywood and paint that entire side with a white base coat for a smoother finish

Step 2: Draw the Grinch

I do not have a projector so I printed a picture of the Grinch off of the internet to use as my guide and drew it on the paper. I drew the Grinch with a more erect posture so it would be 8 feet tall. I then cut the entire pattern out and placed back on the plywood. I took a sharp pointed drill bit and went back over the drawing pressing very hard to leave the impression on the white plywood. I removed the paper and then used a pencil to trace the lines.

Step 3: Cut Out the Grinch

My husband started by drilling holes at the curves which made it easier when he got on to the skill saw work. I do bot have many pictures of this part. We were doing our project in our barn and I used the time to play with the horses. When he finished cutting, he sanded the edges to make the edges smoother and safer.

Step 4: Paint the Grinch

I was very pleased with the deep reds that I found. I also had Grinch Green! A sponge or a rag can be dipped in white or a lighter same color to show better dimension. Only when the paint is completely dry, use the large black marker to define all the edges. I had also made the big toy bag. In one version of the story, the bag is red. In another, it is gray. I decided to change the red bag to gray and paint in the rope that the Grinch used.

Step 5: Grinch Dog, Max

If you have the Grinch, ya gotta have Max the dog. I decided to make Max standing on the bag of toys in a salute to honor all our military and I keep a yellow ribbon tied around the big Oak tree until all our deployed come home.

Step 6: Everyone Enjoys!

Make plans to add to the characters from the story next year. At the last minute I just had to make Cindy Lou Who!

Step 7:

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