Introduction: Giant Surprise Shark DIY

If your anything like me, Your always on the look out for special projects ( birthdays,Holidays, special occasions ) Having said this, the other day I recently noticed that my son is obsessed with videos of monster size eggs filled with toys inside called surprise eggs, these are crazy big shell of an egg and it's packed full of awesome toys , they're also decorated and covered with wicked drawings, fancy playdoh stencils, and stickers and stuff on them, so anyway the whole point of these is so that they hold the toys they unwrap, play and review... Necessary? No .....intriguing? Yes

Now this gets complicated cuz Iam filled with a sense of why in the .... (Heck) do you need a huge egg to hold all those toys that your gonna unwrap play and talk about anyway and then oh my gosh that's the greatest idea ever!!!!! my kid would be entertained forever!!!! Let's make one or 6 !!!!!! Then i also remembered....oh yeah ! Iam not rich nor do I have my own you tube channel........having said this I go back and forth with the idea of making one......

And in the middle of the night ( lightbulb ) an idea is born,
So the darn thing wins well sorta .....I decided to make a shark holder instead of an egg it would be perfect for my son he loves underwater animals and just in time for Valentine's Day , I'll fill it with little things that make me think of him, a good idea is to take a little trip to your local dollar tree, 99 cents store or dollar general

So here's what you need :

2 balls 99 cents Walmart
Wax paper
Toys (dollar tree,dollar general, dollar bin target)
Construction paper
Spray paint

*****remember you don't need to stuff it with crazy expensive toys , just a couple dollars .

Step 1: Form and Paper Maché All the Way

I stacked the 2 balls together and taped plastic bags to them to get the shark shape form, now you can use a lot of things to obtain the shape , balloons, trash bag, paper, you name it you can use it, once your happy with your form tape pieces of wax paper to the form making it a little bit more pulled in and it'll be easier to remove once your form is complete, having done that , whip up your paper maché mixture which consists of 2 cups of flour , 1/2 cup of water, teaspoon of vinegar and Elmer's glue ( lotsa of it)

****Now your probably wondering why do I use the ball (s) .... Easy, because ball forms are not stable and they'll tend to slope a little which is awesome for shark jumping out of water form :D ****

Then Start applying your mixture in to the newspaper strips and work your way all around it completely covering it in its entirety wait 24 hours for it dry completely, add as many layers as u want to give it a better shape, or to make it smoother, remember the small the strips of newspaper the smoother it'll be,

(The form will naturally slope a little and that's great)

Step 2: Fix and Cut

I went back and fixed any holes or dents in the egg form simply by dipping my newspaper into the mixture, and placing it directly in the deny them layering with a long strip and go on to the whole egg doing this until your done, wait 24 to 36 hours for it to dry completely ,

Now make a dorsal fin, simply make a triangle and glue to the top , you'll be covering this too with paper maché to make it strong and able to stand on its own,

Proceed with the pectoral fins by folding a paper in half( I used several pages) and make it a little round with knife attach with hot glue and paper mache that too

Step 3: Paint and Stuff

This step is super easy spray paint gray top portion, including dorsal fin and pelvic fins ( fancy for the triangle fins we made)

Now this step is kinda watch and copy , I made a white rounded triangle towards the face, put a couple streaks for the nose , continue to use white all the way down let it dry.

Add some Googley eyes ... Or mean eyes whatever you want have fun with it !

Get a pencil and draw out your mouth , paint the gums pink, now carve some teeth in it .....
Go back and kinda re-paint any mistakes you made

Now stuff it w toys , candy or whatever you wish , your kiddos will throughly enjoy it!!

Now for the final touch grab some blue and white construction paper make some wave patterns mix the blue and white to create texture and water, like the water is splashing as its coming through the surface , now you don't have to do this , but it's something fun and it'll bring it together

Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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