Giant Vaseline Tin




Introduction: Giant Vaseline Tin

Have you ever wondered why those pocket vaseline tins are so small and portable? Wouldn't you prefer a larger, more static version?
I must add that;
There are other petroleum jelly products available, but they're not as good

Step 1: The Vaseline Gift Set

I picked up a vaseline giant tin giftset (3.99 in homebargains) and some high quality alternative petroleum jelly (400g for 1.38)

Step 2: Open Up the Tin, and Melt the Petroleum Jelly

I donated the three regular tins to chapped-lipped family members, and emptied the petroleum jelly, all 400g of it into a Pyrex jug, and microwaved it for roughly five minutes

Step 3: Pour Your Melted Jelly

Placing the giant tin on a plate to save mess, pour the melted petroleum jelly into the tin, being careful not to scald yourself

Step 4: Wait for It to Set, and Admire

You can now show off your giant tin of vaseline, or keep it as a weird ornament

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    9 years ago

    I wonder if you could add a couple drops of peppermint and/or vitamin E oil to make this a little more like Burt's Bees?