Gift Box From a Greeting Card.




Introduction: Gift Box From a Greeting Card.

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I made some gift boxes to pack some small shortbread cookies from Christmas cards.

You will need:-

A greeting card

Scissors possibly something to score the card with if you don't want to use the scissors.

A ruler

A pencil, or something to mark with

A glue stick, or other non-toxic glue


Step 1: Separate the Front, and Back of the Card.

This may be easier done with a long knife blade, but you just need the card front, and back to be separated.

Step 2: Measure What Will Be the Side of the Box.

What I was packing was a double layer of shortbread cookies, so I measured 1" (25mm) in from the sides, on all sides of the front, and back pieces of the card. I used pencil to mark the measurements because it made it easier to see. On my other boxes I just scored with the edge of my scissors, but it didn't show up well on the picture.

Step 3: Score, and Fold the Sides Up on the Box Halves.

I used the dull side of the blade from the scissors to score the straight lines, but use whatever is hard, and pointed to score the lines. Fold the sides up so that the inside of the card faces up, and the glossy side will be the outside.

Step 4: Cut Tabs for Gluing, and Glue the Box Together.

Erase the pencil marks/lines.

I found the best way to glue the box together was to cut along the folds that meet the short sides. I glued the porous side of the tabs for better coverage. If you glue the glossy side, the glue doesn't take as well. Fold the tabs in, and apply pressure for a few minutes until the joint holds.

Step 5: Test for Fit

My card was slightly smaller on the back. I guess most greeting cards are, but it seems that the card stock of these cards is negligible that I didn't have to measure the sides to make the bottom half smaller. If I was using less-forgiving cardstock, I might make sure that the bottom was smaller that the top. Either way, test the fit to make sure it closes, and is snug.

Step 6: Fill the Box, and Deliver. (Shortbread Recipe)

These shortbread cookies are basic Scottish shortbread made to a basic 1,2,4 shortbread recipe (1 measure sugar, 2 measures butter, 4 measures all purpose flour) with a pinch of salt. mix all the ingredients, chill, roll to ½" (13mm) think, cut, and bake at 300°f (about 150°c) for 25 minutes, or until golden around the edges. My cookies are 1"x1" and I put 12 in a box.

I chilled mine in the freezer for the 5 minutes it took for the oven to preheat.

My cookies were to be delivered immediately, but if you're going to be holding on to them for a short while, I'd suggest a wax-paper liner in the box. Shortbread has a tendency (due to the butter content) to lose grease as it sets for the first few hours.

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    4 years ago

    Elegant simplicity! (And the perfect personal touch for giving small treats to people who really don't want or need anything.)


    4 years ago

    Such a good idea! The cards are always so pretty that I like to find creative second uses for them.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I agree, however this idea was convinced of necessity. I thought I had small party favor boxes in the house, but it turned out I didn't. In the box where I thought they were was a small stack of Christmas cards that my wife bought years ago, so I used them.
    If you're going to recycle old cards, I wouldn't suggest using them for food, just because you don't really know how clean they are (especially if they ever contained money. Gross!) You can also play with the measurements to fit your needs.
    Thanks for the support.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I was not thinking of putting food in them but you are right.