Introduction: Gift Card Coffee Tray

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Gift cards seems to be a new currency however once you are done with them they get tossed into the trash. Many of the designs on the cards are very creative, colourful, unique and cool. It seems a shame that all that plastic being used for such a short time. Then a couple years ago I saw this idea using counter laminate so I substituted the laminate for the gift cards and now we have the Gift Card Coffee Tray.

Grab a warm beverage and read along how I made this project.


- E600 Glue

- Old Plastic Gift Cards

-* Wooden Tray

- Ready to Use Grout or Powered Grout

- Bent Knife

- Sponge

- Grout Sealer

- Paint brush

- Container

*Please Note - I am using a painted tray however you can also make this project with an unpainted tray. Once you are done grouting the cards, use painters tape and paint the tray any colour you wish.

Step 1: Lay Out Your Cards

1. Before you glue you need to lay out your cards onto the tray to see how many cards to need and where you think they fit best.

2. Once you do this take a photo to use as a reference.

Step 2: Let’s Glue

-E600 it the best glue to do many projects. I like using it on the project because I know that it will hold the card it place and it will never get unstuck. It is easy to use and easy clean up. You do need to be careful as you use it it weeps, so I always put the next card under the tube to prevent the glue dropping onto the table.

1. Start gluing the cards one by one, using the photo you just took as a reference.

2. Let your tray dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: It’s Grout Time!

1. I am using a premixed grout however if you are using the powdered grout, just follow the directions on the package.

2. Spread the grout evenly over the cards using the bent knife, filling in the cracks.

3. Wait twenty minutes and use a damp sponge to wipe off the excess grout.

4. Let it dry overnight.

Step 4: Seal It

1. Once your tray is dry you will need to seal the grout to protect it. This also helps with future stains, as they should come right off.

2. Use a paint brush to apply the sealer all over the surface of the tray. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before applying a second application.

Step 5: Finished Trays

There are lots of ways you could customize the trays. For example, they could all be based around a certain theme, or they could be all the gift cards that came from a birthday or special event. Maybe keep all the gift cards that you have used on "date nights" and have a tray that reminds you of all the special places you have been in a year.

Or you can just find gift cards that you like the look of!

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