Introduction: Gift Card Envelope

Giving a Gift Card or handing someone a Check can be so impersonal. Bring joy back into handing someone a gift card or a check with an interesting envelope. Let it be known that you did not forget a special occasion just by getting a Gift Card...give one with extra pizzazz.

Items needed:

Card stock, matte board, thick 1-ply cardboard: establish a reusable template.

Paper (all colors): for envelope

Watercolor paints: create washes

Glue stick: adding extra elements

Ruler: helping with folds

Double Stick tape: securing the envelope when folding it

- All 2-D materials: (paint, scissors, brushes, papers, inks...) adds to your envelopes creativity

Step 1: Template: Size

Using the dimensions given in the file provided, measure them out onto some card stock, matte board, or thick 1-ply cardboard. You can see I also rounded the corners of the flaps to add a less rigid more inviting presence. Also, I made a measurement of 2" on my template to aid in the folding of a personal check. A personal check is 6" so this aid in a 2" tri-fold to easily fit the check in the envelope.

This template will make creating the envelopes easier beyond the first one.

Step 2: Envelope: Trace / Cut Out / Fold

This is where your creativity begins...limitless. Take a solid color or create a random colored wash with watercolor paints. Take the template and trace it onto the back side of the colored paper or wash and cut it out! To make folding the envelope easier, I draw lines using a ruler and pencil (pushing harder than usual to smash the fibers) on the back side to divide the envelope into its five parts. Afterwards, fold along those lines/creases you just made.

Step 3: Envelope: Assembly

Using double stick tape place a piece along one edge that is only 1/8" onto the edge. Cut the extra off, but keep it for the bottom flap. Tape the two larger side pieces together. Using the cut piece of tape place in onto the smaller flap. and cut off the extra. Fold that small flap over and you have created an envelope. To secure the top is up to it with tape, leave it open, or watch my video and see other creative ways to seal your envelope (this is in my Thank You examples).

Step 4: Examples: Thank You

Instead of wiring payment to our child's caretaker...I create a THANK YOU envelope every week. Bringing a little more cheer and appreciation on our part to her!