Introduction: Toy Packaging: Crayons

When the box is played with more than the toy...we realize there is value in the packaging more than the item (toy) purchased. This Instructable invites us to view the waste pile just as carefully as the toy pile to give us joy. Recently, this act was relevant after buying our son multiple Pixar Cars from Mattel...he valued the cardboard back with all the pictures just as much as the toy car. I began to value the plastic casing as a detailed mold for a continued use. Follow these simple steps to increase the purpose of your child's toy packaging (Pixar Cars, Star Wars starships, Dinotrux, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurines...) or even establish creative shapes with electronic packaging too.


Double Broiler

Oven Range or Single Burner

X-acto Knife

Hot Pads


Old or New Crayons

Aluminium Foil

Plastic mold (toy/electronic packaging)

Tooth picks

Step 1: Melting Crayons

After collecting old crayons or buying new, begin by peeling off the wrappers. Using an x-acto knife to sheer one sliver off of the paper makes it easier to peel the rest. Keeping the colors separate aids in mixing a desired color or melting enough of one for a particular result.

Turn on the range/ burner to med-high. Place the bottom pan of the Double Broiler on the range, 1/2 full of water, and bring to a boil. As that is warming, rip off a 12" sheet of aluminum foil and form it into a bowl. Place that formed bowl into the top pan. Before doing so check to assure there is no hole or ability for the wax to escape. Begin filling the bowl with crayons of the desired color...amount depends on form to be filled. Good thing is that after poured into forms and it proves to not be enough, let cool and add back to pan. Place the top pan on the bottom pan and begin worming up the crayons. Using a chopstick or tooth pick occasional stir the crayons to assure all has melted. With hot pads or leather gloves, pick up aluminium foil bowl and pour into the mold.

Looking at the images you can see that I labeled the forms and aligned them with the correct color from the Disney Pixar Cars movie. example: Lightening McQueen = Red crayons

After cooled release the crayon from the mold. With the x-acto knife you may want to shave off any extra crayon that may have created a sharp edge.

*Occasionally check to see that the water level hasn't gotten to low. Add periodically to keep the level above 1/4 full.

Step 2: Coloring Pages

Depending on the toy packaging used, print off coloring book pages to align with the crayon made. Copy and paste images into a Microsoft Word document to fit 4 to a page.

Step 3: Party Favor

Reason for making the coloring page a quarter sheet of paper is that then you have created the perfect Pixar Car birthday party favor. Place a coloring sheet in a plastic sandwich bag and the