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At one point in our lives, most of us have faced this sort of situation. You have wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows, and it ends up as a disorganized pile. You set out with the best of intentions to purchase off season so that you can save a bit of money only to have everything damaged because you lack organizational skills. Then, you run out and buy multiple varieties of organizers, from bags to plastic bins. Then in a rush to get something wrapped and out the door, you just put the roll somewhere relatively close to where it's supposed to go. Then, BAM, you're right back to this mess!

Well, one night while cleaning my basement, I had enough of this mess and came up with this easy scrap solution.


  • Access to the back side of an unfinished wall (or a door made out of drywall)
  • scrap plywood
  • 4-6 screws depending on how many studs you will be spanning
  • drill or driver
  • level (probably optional, but I have standards)

Step 1: Find a Suitable Wall

Find a wall that will work for this project. You want it to be in a relatively dust free environment and easily accessible. I also wouldn't use the wall that's right next to your sump pump for potential humidity reasons.

While I was remodeling, I made really large french doors for access to my storage area because I was tired of navigating a small doorway. These are perfect.

Then, measure and cut your wood.

Step 2: Install the Pieces

One side of the door will hold my photography light stands, the other side will hold wrapping paper.

Measuring here isn't critical.The top piece needs to be tall enough to keep things from falling out. The bottom piece should be a couple of inches off the bottom of the wood frame. This will allow you to easily clean it if you ever spill glitter or something down the wall.

Step 3: Done!

Now, you can add as many screws or nails to the studs which you can store ribbon and bags of bows on. You can easily see what you have and it's protected!

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