Introduction: Gin Rummy

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Step 1:


Step 2:

Deal out 10 cards if you r using 1 deck 20 if 2 decks

Step 3:

U can play face up or down I am doing face up for example

Step 4:

Organize the cards by suit or number

Step 5:

Right now I have all deadwood deadwood is the cards that are not in 3 of a kind

Step 6:

Next take a card from the pile

Step 7:

If you have no use for it then discard it if you are playing face up take a look at the other players cards would they have a use for it if so then do not discard that card

Step 8:

If you discard it and the opponent likes that card they may take it if they do not then they draw from the pile

Step 9:

Then you repeat these steps until you have no deadwood

Step 10:

This is an example of gin rummy the alone 5 is the 1 I am playing off of the other players cards u can only play off their cards if they have a complete set which in this case 3 5's

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