Girlfriend: Episode 1: the Beginning

Introduction: Girlfriend: Episode 1: the Beginning

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Some people say I am quite good with the ladies (which I am), and with this Instructable I will tell you how to be good with the ladies and how to get them to go out with you.

Step 1: What the Ladies Like

Girls like guys (that's obvious).  They like a good personality, a happy attitude, and someone who will treat them right.
Girls like guys who will treat them special, different then they treat other girls. So treat them with respect.  It is true that "bad" boys get lots of girlfriends but that is only because girls feel that by going out with them it is they may get in trouble by going out with them, and this creates a feeling of intrigue which they are attracted to.  However if you treat a girl well then they will feel special and will be attracted to you.

Step 2: Be Confident

You also need to be CONFIDENT. To be confident you must have a high self-esteem. Even if you have a low self-esteem then you can hide it by following these simple :
1. Talk well about your looks, such as say you look hot even though you might be the ugliest person on the planet.
2. Say that you can do anything, such as say that your are going to go to Harvard University.
3.Say that you are awesome, such as talk about how many friends you have.

These things may come across as you being cocky but girls are attracted to guys that feel good about them selves.

Step 3: Good Looks.

Now you may not be the most good looking person but you can still look attractive. 
Follow these steps to look attractive:
1. Good hygiene.  Brush your teeth. It may be boring and take a lot of time, but you need to have good teeth.  Also put deodorant on everyday and wash you face so you don't get pimples.
2. Clothes. Don't buy cheap clothes from Wall-mart.  Buy expensive name brand clothes, sure it will eat up all your money but hey at least you look good.
3. Hair. Get a good hair cut.  Find a style that makes you look good and stick with it, don't change it every month like some people do.
4.Cologne. Yes I know that this does not really have any thing to do with looks but it is still important. Girls are attracted to good smells and the best smells are expensive. Buy something like Polo or something else expensive (don't buy Axe). You don't have to spend to much, $30-$50 is usually good enough.

Step 4: It Continues.

Because if I put all my knowledge in to one Instructable, I have to make several ones (if you noticed the "Episode 1" part). So look for more in this series coming out pretty soon.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    so lie to the girl..............get ready to get slapped in the face


    9 years ago

    Hi I'm a girl and here is some suggestions,
    if a girl is shy and she acts a bit nervous her eyes are darting and when her eyes come across you do they open a bit wider do her eyes keep snapping back to you well I do this when a guy has caught my eye and I have a friend who is crazy in a good way she just goes for it and talks


    11 years ago on Step 3

    Confidence is core. Good hygiene is a must in any situation, including this one.

    Clothes should look good and personally I'm bother by people who wear brands because of the brands. Wear high quality clothes, don't check the branding check the fiber. I shouldn't be talking like this though, when I think about it practically everything I have is above average banded brand.

    Hair should be very neutral too, skinheads don't do well outside there own.

    You shouldn't smell badly, you shouldn't smell strongly, your smell should be unique. Other than that I think the perfumery industry is the biggest crap there is, but keep spending more per liter on perfume than on gold.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I'm a girl and I think you're going well for now. Perhaps you sould spend more time talking about how to wear ( Many guys wear expensive and brand-name clothes and tehey don't look well. It's better to wear cheap but cool and good combined clothes) but I'm thinking about writing an instructable about that.

    Nice instructable!! Continue... XDD


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Well that is very informative and I will take that into consideration depending on how well your Instructable address this issue.