How to Deal With Annoying People.

Introduction: How to Deal With Annoying People.

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Do you know someone who is annoying? Do they annoy you? Do you have no idea how to deal with them?

Then read this Instructable and you'll find out.

Warning: Not 100% guaranteed

Step 1: Tell Them

This is probably the easiest step, but also the hardest.

If you have enough guts to, and are not afraid of akward moments, then you should just tell them they are annoying. This step is also dangerous in that it may get you hit.

Step 2: Be Annoying Back

If they are annoying you be annoying back.  This is simple, just constantly talk about random things and poke them a lot. This will usually annoy them and they will leave (maybe). This works because most of the time they want a funny reaction from you but if you be annoying back then they will see that it is futile to continue annoying you.

Step 3: Hit Them.

Just hit them up side the head.  Sure they will probably get mad but at least you feel better.

Step 4: Ignore.

This is the easiest step and the one I recomend.  Ignore them.  Just stay away from them.  Walk the other direction when you see them, or pretend to be talking on the phone as you walk by.

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    3 years ago

    I need to do this to my brothers.there soooooooooo ANOYING thanks for the tips


    11 years ago on Introduction

    hey, I read Dale Carnegie's book too
    And qui-gon621 I like the fourth step IGNORE, i guess thats the best way

    Jack A Lopez
    Jack A Lopez

    13 years ago on Introduction

    This 'ible aint exactly Dale Carnegie, but hey, I kinda like it.  Winning friends and influence is overrated anyhow.