Introduction: Give Your Moleskin Wheels. Turn Your Moleskins Into a Train!

This is Bernie Lubell's contribution to a group mini project at pier 9. Doing it all over again because I messed up the first 3 hours work. Hope you can make some sense of it.

Not sure how to add links but here is Taylor's preface:

Step 1: Make a Moleskin Train

This step is composed of 31 sub steps

See the movie in the intro for how the train works.

Step 2: Measure the Thickness at the Binding of the Moleskin

Step 3: Transfer Measurement to a Piece of Maple for Your First Book Clip

This image shows pine which was used for the testing. Instead, use a piece of maple ~ 1.25" x .75" by at least 12". Mark so that the cut away will go in from a 1.25" edge in the 12" direction.

Step 4: Set Table Saw Blade Angle to 3 Degrees

and depth of cut to 1/2"

Step 5: Cut Clip Dado

Use a tenoning jig for the table saw. Note the position of the maple stock. Start from the center of the stock moving outwards and flipping the stock around so that each side gets cut away symmetrically. Stop just inside your transfer lines and test on a moleskin. Adjust cuts until clip will fit snugly onto moleskin (the second picture is from the pine prototype -- you will have a long maple stick with the dado on the end). Cut to a length of 7/8" to 1".

Repeat these steps until you have 2 clips for each moleskin in the train.

Round all edges on each clip

Step 6: Drill 3 Holes in Each of Your Clips.

You can see where the holes go from the finished clips in the first photo. You will drill an 1/8" hole in the center top all the way through the clip for the coupling, a 1/8" hole in the back center of the clip about 1/4" from the bottom for the tail and a 9/64" hole for the axle that in 5/32" in from the bottom at the back corner and 5/32" from the back. Repeat this for each clip.

Use a file to rould over all the edges in each clip

Step 7: Cut 1/8" Dowels for Axles 1.5" Long. Trim Them Later

Step 8: Center Drill 3/4" Maple Dowel

Chuck up a 3/4" diameter about 4" long maple dowel in the lathe, center drill both ends and complete drilling with a 1/8" bit.

Step 9: Make Wheels 1/4" Thick

On the bandsaw, using a mitre gauge, cut the wheels.

Sand the edges of the wheels to remove cut fluff.

Step 10: Glue on 1/16" Thick Maple Bottoms

The image shows me using superglue but wood glue is preferable.

Step 11: Assemble the Clips

You can stop here if you want a wheeled book stand. But….. Continue if you want a moleskine train ...

Step 12: Shoe Lace Tail & Train Parts

You can super glue in an old shoe lace for a tail/ pull to one of the clips. Cut some train couplings from 1/4" multiply x 1.5" x 1/2" drill 9/64" holes 1/4" in from each end. Gather parts and ...

Step 13:

Put clips onto the books add couplings with 1/8" dowel pieces. Put the pull/tail clip onto the front of the moleskin that will be the start of the train. Couplings are made from 1/4" multiply that is 1/2" wide by 1.5" long. Drill a 9/64" hole 1/4" from each end . Couple the cars together. Use wedges to help loose clips to hold on.

Step 14: The Train Is Leaving the Station