Introduction: Gjakova Monopoly

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Hello, today we're excited to share with you a project we recently made at our makerspace BONEVET.

You can never have enough of board games, right? We thought so too. That's why we decided to create our own board game. Our own version of Monopoly. Our board features different places of Gjakova, the city where our makerspace is located. Advance through famous bridges, parks and monuments. Play with your friends and try to take over the city!

If you like this project and decide to make your own version, by sharing our experience and our work we tried to help you in every way possible.

Step 1: Supplements and Materials

1. 3 pieces of wood (60cm x 30cm x 4mm)

2. Filament (you can use any color you like)

3. Normal Paper (we used A4 but you can use a different format as well)

4. Thick Paper (about 12 pieces)

5. Nails (2cm)

6. Hammer and utility knife


Machines we used for this project:

1. LaserCut

2. 3D printer

3. Personal Computer (with Adobe Illustrator)

4. Printer

Step 2: Making the Design of the Board

The first step to making this project was designing the board. Using Adobe Illustrator CC we made the design by scratch based on places of our city, Gjakova. You can customize the board depending on how you like it.

First we converted the .ai file to a .dxf file for the LaserCut to accept. Below you can get the design to customize it.

Step 3: Designing the Cards and Money

In Monopoly it's obvious you need the title deeds, chance and community chest cards and of course the money, so that's what we did in this step.

We found the dimensions of the cards and designed them in our native language, Albanian. Then we printed them in thick paper. We checked everything in the Monopoly Wiki so the cards would be similar to the original version.

For the money we found a good design in the internet and we used that because we found them more appealing. Here is the link:

We printed all of these using a normal paper printer.

Step 4: Finding and Printing the Tokens, Houses and Hotels

For the tokens, houses and hotels we got the designs in the Internet and then we used our 3D printer to print them out

We attached the links down below.

For the hotels :

For the houses :

For the tokens :

P.S : We bought the dices

Step 5: Building the Money Tray

For the money tray we made the design by scratch using Adobe Illustrator and we cut it with LaserCut and we attached it together with nails using a nail gun.

Step 6: Play the Game

Thats what the end result looks like. We hoped you liked it and it helped you in any way. Go check our makerspace here and have a great time.