Introduction: Glam Up Your Shoes!

Yes - you can (appear to) have trendy new shoes for pence.

Or you can make previously unsuitable shoes match your new outfit.

Or you can make one pair of shoes seem like several.

All you need is the amazing shoe clip. (Actually a pair is better.)

Step 1: Acquire Your Ingredients

You'll need what jewellers call findings. They are the hardware bits onto which you are going to stick your gorgeous creations.

In this case, you want shoe clip findings: I got mine on Ebay for fourpence. Or fivepence. Anyway, it was pocket money.

Go to Ebay and search shoe clip findings - you'll find them.

Step 2: Gather Bits and Bobs

Now you want some decorations. You can buy these off the interweb-thingy too: Emma at has a wonderful selection. So too do

Or you can snaffle bits off Christmas crackers, cake decorations - anything you can liberate.

Bits of ribbon are really helpful, and so are beads. They can be as vulgar as you like - it's amazing what you can get away with on a shoe.

You'll find yourself haunting the haberdashers' shops.

Step 3: Dry Run

Now make your design. As a first step, choose a bit of ribbon and make a bow.

Tip: Don't try to tie a real bow - it'll look pants. Cut some strips of ribbon, fold over the ends and glue them together to make a tailored bow (Google 'tailored bow' for detailed instructions).

If in doubt, fake it.

Step 4: Decorate Madly

Got your ribbon sorted?

Then see what gaudy trash you can sling on it to make a good decoration.

Try to make the colours clash - see pic.


Step 5: See If It Works

These ones didn't work out (yet!) because the ribbon frays at the ends when I cut it. I've tried clear nail varnish, but that didn't work. Pinking shears give a pinked edge, which doesn't really work for this design.

Anyone got any other ideas?

Step 6: Stick Deco to Finding

Now glue, sew or otherwise attach your decoration to a finding. You may want to start by attaching everything to a piece of card or plastic and then attaching that to the finding. Or, depending on your design, you may want to attach it direct.

Remember that shoes often get wet: make allowance for that if you're using cardboard etc. Clear plastic (like the kind you get in new shirt collars to keep them neat) is a handy alternative, and relatively invisible.

Step 7: Attach Firmly

In this case, I strung the beads on a piece of wire and then sewed the wire to the ribbon.

Then I glued and sewed a ribbon backing to the finding; when it was dry I glued the backing to the decoration. It wobbles about a bit, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Step 8: Now Glam Up Your Shoes!

Boring granny shoes....

Step 9: ... Instantly Become

... instantly become


Step 10: Try 'em on Navy

- hey! They look good!

Step 11: Try 'em on White

- a must for Essex girls everywhere.

Make a few different ones.

Now you can take one pair of shoes on holiday - but look as if you took five pairs! Think how popular you'll be with him indoors...

There. Crafty tips AND marital advice, all in one instructable. And it's free.